Holistic approach to Fertility

This course will bring clarity to fully understanding your body and the magic of conception. Learning the art of Yoni steaming and how this age old technique can potentially increase your chances of fertility.

Growing your Herbal Practice

This course is an extension of the Yoni Steam Certification Course.

Wombmen Wellness with Noni

Wombmen Wellness with Noni, speaks to the Practitioners who need more tools to help their clients maintain optimal feminine health. With the popularity of Yoni/Vaginal Steaming, I thought it best to share some techniques I personally incorporate in my client sessions. As a Massage therapist for almost 8 years these techniques I rely on heavily as they merge both my loves, Massage Therapy and Yoni Steaming. This course breaks down some age old treatments with easy to follow along videos.

All Things Yoni with Noni

Several years ago my family was shook to the core. My youngest sister went through a devastating loss, her 1st born, my nephew died shortly after his birth. I could NOT begin to comprehend the loss my baby sister was feeling. Helplessly I sat by wanting to help but how?

A few things I knew, there was an underlining disorder, there was a birth, there was trauma, there was a void. As a holistic practitioner I wanted help, I started doing research and found the beauty in Yoni Steaming.

More About Noni

Born in Jamaica,  West Indies, Noni is no stranger to herbal therapy for everyday ailments.  Having grown up with her grandmother who pretty much has a tea blend for everything. Holistic healing was destined to be her birthright. 

Noni is now a Massage Practitioner by trade practicing for over 7 years. She owns and operates her wellness studio with her partner. She is also a Massage therapy instructor at a school in Baltimore, MD. 

After a close family tragedy that resulted in a family member experiencing a failed pregnancy, Noni became certified as a Fertility Massage specialist and soon after became certified as a Yoni Steam Practitioner, because in her own way, she wanted to help. 

She has also expanded her knowledge to include Herbal Therapy for Womens wellness.