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Be a Social Media Hero!

Discover how you can create better social media profiles, understand which social media platforms are best for your business, what and when to post, how to create eye-catching graphics and compelling content that will create buzz, increase brand awareness and loyalty, and grow your following. In short, learn how to be a social media hero in 63 days with this comprehensive 9-week course!

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More About stefanie blue

As a personal branding photographer, I encountered so many entrepreneurs and business professionals that felt completely overwhelmed when it comes to social media, and I realized they were missing out on leveraging themselves and their business by not getting the most out of social media.  After more than 5 years of teaching social media classes and workshops, I've blended that knowledge to help small business owners who are getting started with social media, and don't yet have the budget (or minions) to pay a large marketing firm hundreds of dollars monthly to do it for them.  Welcome to my courses!