Leanna Jane Lewis

Transformational Coach for Visionaries and Emerging Leaders ready to own their gifts and share their medicine into the world

School of Soul Medicine

A Powerful Membership Group for Transformation: Created for Visionaries and Emerging Leaders ready to expand their vision and create abundance!

Awakened + Embodied: A Powerful Course in Transformation

Transforming and awakening to deep identity shifts for abundance in purpose + vision. Breakthrough your patterns keeping you in the loop of upper limits and into infinite potential, sharing your gift and making bank.

2020 Upgrading Gateway: A Course in Upleveling for the Soul

2020 is coming, time to upgrade, sister!

Meditation Course to Awaken + Embody Your Truth

This course is created for the busy and active mind that has the soulful pull within to slow down and ground itself. Created to intentionally slowly build the foundation you need, this program takes you through 30 Days of easy and relaxing teachings and meditations along with oodles of support meditations to guide you further. With just 10 minutes a day, notice the shifts and changes in the mind and body. Create the practice you need to fully manifest the abundance and ease that you desire.

More About Leanna Jane Lewis

Hey! I'm Leanna Jane Lewis, transformational coach, yogi and goofy science nerd who lays her crystals out while listening to podcasts about brain waves ;) 

I work with visionaries and emerging leaders find their powerful voice, take ownership of their medicine through leadership and transformation.

XO Go out and be amazing today