Leanna Jane Lewis

Private Client 1:1 Course + Coaching Program

Goddess Awakening: The Sisterhood School

A course + sacred sisterhood to guide you back home to your deeper vision, activate your intuitive being and balance the flow of your spiritual journey.

Leanna Jane Lewis :: The Gateway

A Collection of Free Trainings, Teachings + Masterclasses

Immersion Sisterhood: Flow, Freedom + Alignment

A space to unfold, deeply connect and master the mind so that you can take life to the next level

Meditations to Awaken + Embody Your Truth

This course is created for the busy and active mind that has the soulful pull within to slow down and ground itself. Created to intentionally slowly build the foundation you need, this program takes you through 30 Days of easy and relaxing teachings and meditations along with oodles of support meditations to guide you further. With just 10 minutes a day, notice the shifts and changes in the mind and body. Create the practice you need to fully manifest the abundance and ease that you desire.

From Chaos to Clarity: The Spiritual Guide for Mind+Body+Soul

Gather the foundational tools you need to calm the mind and take the action you need for more peace and joy.

More About Leanna Jane Lewis

Hey! I'm Leanna Jane Lewis. Momma of two, lightworker, lover of all things chillllll for the mind, body and soul. I'm here to help you slow down your mind so that you can speed up your purpose and share your gift. The collective is shifting and I'm here to guide you through all the changes that you're going through and the bigger ones you want to manifest. 

All my teaching focus on making the spiritual experience of life meaningful and available to everyone. I believe we are all here to find meaning and purpose, while learning how to come back home to ourselves again. 

What I share here is my gift to you. 

XO Go out and be amazing today