Cheryl Muir

I help you overcome dating drama by unlocking the secrets of your family dynamic ❤️

The Transmission:::December 2020

Your home, Your vessel, Your karma

Infinite Love

Stop waiting for him. Start living. Become the woman you're meant to be.

The Dating Drama Empowerment Method

Overcome your dating drama in 3 steps. Experience joy and ease in love.

Course Bundle

Free Yourself From Twin Flame Drama: Meditation & Healing Bundle

Clear the karma in your twin flame connection with 16 powerful meditations, healings & activations

Love Yourself First

Master true self love and build a beautiful relationship with yourself.

The Ascension Collection

Raise your vibration. Receive your heart's desires.

Inner Child Healing Meditation

Heal your inner child. Forgive your parents.

5 Days to Love

Clear the path to finding love with 5 days of guided journaling prompts

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More About Cheryl Muir

Cheryl Muir is a leading expert in relationship patterns and specialises in helping creative women overcome their dating drama fast. Cheryl is the creator of the Dating Drama Empowerment Method and The 6 Dating Drama Archetypes. Through a combination of these models and her powerful transformational coaching, Cheryl frees women from a lifetime of painful patterns in love and relationships.

Cheryl is based in the UK. She has been featured in The Daily Mail, Metro News, Bustle and Woman’s Own magazine, as well as top-rated podcasts including The Confused Millennial, Addicted2Success, and The Ashley Hann Show.

To learn more about Cheryl’s work, visit or follow Cheryl on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.