Cheryl Muir

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How To Stop Waiting For Them & Start Living

Let go of unavailable people and break the cycle of unrequited love.

5 Days to Love

Clear the path to finding love with 5 days of daily videos + guided journaling prompts

Infinite Love

Get over your ex. Become radiant as f*ck. Attract love everywhere you go.

How To Regulate Your Emotions | Relationship Education Series with Cheryl Muir

Learn the 3-steps to help yourself feel better & understand your emotions at a deeper level

The Kickstarter Collection | Relationship Education Series with Cheryl Muir

Master the 7 key areas in your relationships to become deeply seen, deeply loved and deeply known

Love Yourself First

Your no-nonesense self love starter kit.

Break The Cycle

End painful dating patterns. Find the love of your dreams!

Heal Your Heart

Overcome your twin flame. Learn the lessons. Move on with your life.

Free Yourself From Twin Flame Drama: Meditation & Healing Bundle

Clear the karma in your twin flame connection with 16 powerful meditations, healings & activations

More About Cheryl Muir

Cheryl Muir is a Relationship Expert, author and speaker. Cheryl helps women in film, television, media and fandom find love and have healthier, happier relationships.

Through private coaching, in-person groups and media appearances, Cheryl helps women overcome their fear of closeness and develop deeply intimate relationships in every area of their lives, helping them move from chaos and drama and confusion to peace, partnership and lasting love.

Cheryl’s clients typically find love within six to twelve months of working with her privately. Cheryl attributes this to her ability to locate the source of her clients’ relationship troubles, coupled with her coaching style which is compassionate-yet-direct.

Cheryl believes in the healing power of the arts, and is the host of YouTube series around this theme, including Reel Relationships and Relationship Expert Reacts.

Cheryl is a regular guest expert on BBC Radio One’s Life Hacks, and has been featured in Shape Magazine, VICE, Metro and more. She is British-Canadian, and currently based in England’s Lake District region, where she indulges in her penchant for swimming in very cold water.

Finally, she is the creator of #SchoolOfCheryl, an online personal development school with self-study courses to learn vital relationship skills.

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