Wise Earth Way

We believe the Earth is Wise and the Way to tend her is with the future generations of plants, animals, and humans in mind and heart.

Grow Your Own Earth Medicine with No-till Methods

Join me for a comprehensive practical journey into creating abundant Medicinal Herb gardens virtually anywhere. Learn how to grow a variety of herbal plants with whom you will form your own deep relationship with, while learning how to craft herbal remedies to stock your unique home apothecary. In this course, you will receive guidance on establishing garden beds utilizing no-till agriculture that revitalizes the land, harvesting Earth Medicines, and stocking your home Apothecary.

More About Wise Earth Way

Chris and Stephanie are a husband and wife team applying growing techniques that are beyond organic. They practice no-till, biodynamic, and organic methods to enhance present and future soil fertility without harming or disturbing life (from the fungal mycorrhiza relationships to our pollinator friends).

Chris and Stephanie have been consciously stewarding the Earth since 2007 together. Stephanie is a Certified Clinical Herbalist, trained in the methodologies of Scientific Herbalism, Vitalism, Folk Traditions, and the Wise Women tradition of nourishing the mind, body, and soul.

Together, this family offers self paced courses on No-Till agriculture, Earth Connection, and Herbalism. 

They believe that when we take the time to honor the Earth and care for her; the great Mother Earth in return heals us. It is their life purpose to inspire and/or awaken this connection in others!