Javacia Harris Bowser

freelance journalist, blogger, & founder of See Jane Write

Full-Time Freelance

This live masterclass set for Sunday, August 8 at 6 p.m. CT will teach you how you can quit your day job and get paid to write.

7 Ways to Jumpstart Your Writing Career

Are you ready to finally feel like a real writer or take your writing life to the next level? Here's how to do it.

See Jane Blog

Learn how to find the clarity, create the content, adopt the consistency, and build the community you need to turn your blog into a brand.

See Jane Freelance

Learn how to jumpstart your freelance journalism career and FINALLY see your byline in newspapers and magazines and on your favorite websites. This course will help you get published and get paid!

A Time to Write the Vision: 7-Day Consistency Challenge

This 7-day mini-course will help you develop a vision for writing, blogging, and business and teach you the time management skills needed to consistently go after your goals.

2019 See Jane Write Virtual Summit

Get access to the 7 sessions from the 2019 See Jane Write Virtual Summit. Topics covered include self-publishing, getting a book deal, building a writing community, turning your blog posts into a book, building your blog into a business, being a full-time influencer, and writing for your favorite magazines.

More About Javacia Harris Bowser

Javacia Harris Bowser is the founder of See Jane Write, a website and membership organization for women writers and bloggers. Through See Jane Write, Javacia hosts workshops, seminars, panel discussions, social events, and more. She also offers coaching and consulting services. Javacia is a blogger and a freelance journalist who has written for a number of local and national media outlets including USA Today and NPR. Her mission is to help women be the author of their own lives.