Mel Cassidy

simple solutions for complex realities

The Monogamy Detox

More About Mel Cassidy

With two decades of experience teaching and facilitating in groups small and large, Mel has a reputation for innovation, novelty, and being able to guide others to think—  and live—  outside the box

The grandchild of refugees, Mel has lived on three continents. She has professional experience in theater, education, special needs, management, holistic wellness, psychology, counselling, meditation, and yoga—  all of which she applies within her coaching and mentoring. She holds a certification in Counselling for Intimacy and Relationships from VCCT, and has received training in Cascadia Holistic Peer Counselling. She is also an experienced ZEGG Forum Facilitator.

Taking a trauma-informed approach, Mel helps individuals discover new dimensions of their relationships to themselves, and the people in their lives.

Mel is queer and loves cats. She currently lives on the traditional and unceded Coast Salish territories of K'ómoks in British Columbia, Canada.