Covid Era Homeschool Series

Considering homeschooling due to Covid issues? This series of talks was developed to help parents decide IF and HOW they should homeschool. In addition to videos, you will have access to a variety of resources and recommendations, as well as have the ability to ask questions of seasoned homeschoolers to help address your particular need(s).

Pantry Packs - Creative Meals Using What You've Got

This cookbook is filled with delicious, nutritious, creative, and surprisingly satisfying meals using items found in the typical pantry. It's not your typical pasta and jarred sauce, either. From pizza to posole, congee to curry bowl, you will be surprised by the gourmet(ish) fare you can feed your family using what you've got.
Access the cookbooks and additional resources to help you maximize your use of them. Get additional printables, pantry challenge materials, videos and more.

From Procrastinating to Productive Mama

Learn why you procrastinate and how to get over it so you can get control of your household, family and life!

Work-at-Home Trello Pack

Over 15 pre-formatted digital organizers to help you plan, track and manage every aspect of your home business.

Make Ahead Holiday Meals - planner/resource center

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to serve up a homemade Holiday meal with minimal stress by pre-cooking, preparing and/or freezing some or even most of your holiday dishes so that you can actually ENJOY Thanksgiving (or Christmas or Hanukkah or Easter) this year. Let the Productive Mama help you countdown to an enjoyable holiday feast.

Freezer Meal Club Course

Productive Mama's guide to starting, managing and successfully maintaining a freezer meal club with the fewest bumps possible. Learn how to cut your cooking, but not your food quality, in half!