Positivity Guides Courses

At we provide practical tips for happier, more satisfying, and more fulfilled lives.

Practicing patience

accept or tolerate delay, difficulty or annoyance without getting angry or upset (short course`)

Making moments (free course)

learning how to embrace life (free course)

Emotional Intelligence: the complete guide

manage your own and others' emotions with some of the most powerful yet underrated insights that exist. This course teaches you everything you'll need to know about emotional intelligence (EI) and its applications, at a fraction of the price charged by many course providers

Live life to the fullest

You only live once! Embrace all that is out there

Supercharge Your Brain

Simple hacks to improve your brain performance, unlock your full potential and live a more fulfilling life

How to eliminate self doubt

Practical strategies to stop self doubt in its tracks

21 Steps to a Whole New You

Find Happiness, Success and Positive Thinking

Control: the art of self-discipline

Building more positivity

Let go of the past and make room for more happiness in your life

From couch potato to fit and healthy

Get fit and healthy, boost longevity and take the 30 day fitness challenge

Success Fundamentals

eBook and audio courses to boost your success (premium course)

Managing Time

time savers and production tools you will love

More About Positivity Guides Courses

First, we provide blogs and fun stuff, like quizzes. 

Secondly, we provide longer and more in-depth Guides. 

Thirdly, we provide courses of substance, which is why you're here!

Our courses are diverse, high-quality self-help units, crafted to suit all tastes. Your learning may be supported by professionally made audio clips and audiobooks, video and eBooks. 

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