Lara Kasza

As an Accredited Therapist, University Lecturer at Master's level and 2 successful therapeutic services, I know how to create THE course for you!

SandStory Supervision [online]

SandStory Therapy® Level 1

SandStory Therapy® Level 1 training

Certified SandStory Skills® Trainer Programme [online]

An evergreen, fully-recorded and always available box-set of training for Therapists and Counsellors to become qualified to train non-therapists online or in-person to become Registered SandStory Skills® Practitioners.

Course Creation Training: the golden honeycomb programme to create your own online course! [online]

SandStory Therapy® Level 2

Certified SandStory Therapy® Trainer Programme [online]

A 4 week online training for Registered SandStory Therapists to become Certified SandStory Trainers!

SandStory Therapy® Level 1 [in-person]

A CPD 2 day workshop that provides therapists and counsellors with the skill of offering Sandtray Therapy combined with Story-telling narratives to support their client's therapeutic development with the use of sand and symbols.

Lara's Teacher INSET training - 3 Secrets [online]

Looking to build a therapeutic alliance with the teachers in the school you offer Play Therapy? Then this training gives you everything you need to offer a 2 hour INSET training entitled "Three Secrets to Creating Contented Children in your Classroom."

Ready, Set up and Grow your Play Therapy private practice

An 8 week box-set course that will give you everything you need to know about being ready, setting up and growing your successful Play Therapy private practice turning your passion, skills and experience into a viable income and life-enhancing career.

More About Lara Kasza

For several years after I qualified as a Creative Arts Therapist, I bloomed as a therapist but struggled to develop the 'business' brain that my private practice desperately needed. 

I spent hours and hours reading, researching, learning and experiencing through trial and error how to turn my passion for my therapeutic work to become an actual viable career. 

A break-through came when I applied my experience as a University Lecturer to my business - and sat down to gather together the best that I had learned into 10 simple and straight-forward steps to take in order to be ready ... then to set up ... and then to grow my private practice. 

All the threads came together; what worked went in; what didn't work, went out. And I looked all the time for short-cuts that got what I needed done most effectively. My motto for the course became - "do it once, do it right!" No more wasting time, money (that I didn't have), effort, creativity or energy ... and no more sacrificing precious family time and relationships while I went nowhere fast.

I then applied it all to my own practice and everything shifted. When I started teaching this course in a live, weekend format, others told me the same happened to them as they went through the same 10 steps. (Actually I was a bit shocked that it did! Well, it may have just been luck for me - but clearly it was a system that worked).

So whilst I have this in a nutshell and teach it in a live weekend training format as well as this online course (so delighted you are here!), I can continue on to develop my private practice and the range of services I offer. 

I am a Senior Clinical Supervisor (a role I love and feel honoured in) to some wonderful trainee and qualified Play Therapists, 

I offer Sandplay Therapy and SandStory Therapy to individuals and groups. I support teachers, behaviour support workers, a bereavement group and many therapists such as Play Therapists and Sandplay Therapists through both these therapeutic uses of sand. I am developing SandStory (a client's 'story in the sand') as a way of safely connecting the conscious to the wisdom of the unconscious. 

I have fun, creative 'Sandplay Symbol-making Days' at my private practice and would have everyone come and take part as a way of self-care. If you can ever make a Day, come round as the kettle is always on and choccy biscuits await you.