Molly Williams


How to make soap - Chemistry in the kitchen!

A beginners guide to making soap at home in your kitchen.
Easy step-by-step lessons take you through the chemistry of soap, choosing oils and fats and blending essential oils to fragrance your soap and then how to make your own batch of soap using the cold press method.

More About Molly Williams

I am a professional textile artist and surface pattern designer and maker and a qualified Design and Technology teacher

I have stitched and made clothes and soft furnishings all my life and I have been a professional textile and felt artist for the last 10 years. 

For the most part I have created felt sculptures for exhibition with the Society of Designer Craftsmen and Prism Art Textiles

I make two types of sculpture: the smaller dancers have a twisted wire skeleton, wet felted musculature and a separately made skin that is stitch on to the figure; the larger figures have a much stronger skeleton and wet felted musculature and skin.  

I am also a professional soap maker and have marketed my products at Craft Fairs and to local businesses and make cosmetics creams and lotions for myself and the family. Soap making is addictive and great fun - Chemistry in the Kitchen!