Mindful Creative Arts

Online expressive arts classes, certifications and coaching that benefit the homeless and those in need.

Group Facilitation in Mindful Expressive Arts

Learn how to plan and implement effective groups for both virtual and live in person workshops.

Intuitive Watercolor Play

Contemplative and intuitive practice meets watercolor play. Listen to audio meditations and experiment in numerous ways with your watercolors. Jessica leads you through several different play activities to explore and let go.

Mindful and Meditative Arts Certification Program - Level 1 - 250 hour program

Content to complete the Mindful and Meditative Arts Facilitator and Life Coach Certification. Accredited by the Complimentary Therapists Accreditation Association. This is a 250 hour program and can be completed in as little as 4-6 months depending on your time commitment. It includes required foundations in MBSR and Buddhist based mindfulness, including the 9 attitudes, guided meditations, history and practices along with art making activities from an intuitive and meditative process.

Mindfulness Based, Trauma Informed Classroom Certified Educator Program

This program includes expressive arts (movement, writing, visual art, and music) combined with research based practices that support Trauma Informed and Sensitive Classrooms, Lesson Planning, Mindfulness and Children's Yoga practices from a teacher with 25 years experience in K-12 education, therapist, and RYT. Includes Kids Yoga breaks, games and mindfulness practices for teachers to develop and share with students and for personal use. Certification and certificate of attendance awarded.

Chakra Cards - Large

Downloadable, postcard size chakra cards of original design that include corresponding asana, ayurvedic foods and aromatherapy suggestions and balancing suggestions.

Chakra Cards - Small

Chakra Cards are created to provide you with a quick reference for balancing your energy centers with yoga asana, ayurvedic aroma's, foods and sound. These small cards are the size of business cards and printable from your download.

Sacred Self True You Value Sort Kit

Explore your sacred self through multiple art making processes that help you determine your core values and express them artistically. Downloadable for printing. 4 Art Making activities to do with the cards included.

Sacred Self Body Awareness Journal

For those who want to get started in the Sacred Self process, this booklet helps you keep track of your states of body awareness through repetitive body mapping, creative multiple dimensions of awareness before and after using breathwork or mindfulness practices. Downloadable. Available soon on Amazon!

Responsive Writing Poetry Journal

This journal of 80+ pages has space and forms for you to write reflections to your artmaking, journal thoughts prior or during artmaking in automatic writing, haiku, diamond poetry, noun/adjective, chant, "I remember.." style and more! Downloadable. Available in October 2021 on Amazon!

Mindful Mandalas

Learn the basics of mindfulness and how to put together four different types of mandalas through mixed media. Workbook provided.

Resiliency Resources for Adults Working With Children

In response to the COVID19 Pandemic, I decided to create central resource page that all adults working with children could access easily. This is a freighting time for us, let alone for our children who rely on us to make them feel safe. How we teach our children how to deal with this pandemic and the hardships of it will determine if they come out alright or if we have a mass number of children impacted by traumatic stress from this series of events. Here we become resilient. FREE Course.

Mindfulness for Anxiety During Crisis

We created this course in response to the COVID19 world pandemic and the anxiety, panic and fear that is in our communities, families, selves and the world. This course, however, is a toolbox for any crisis you may experience. We'll walk you through exercises in Breathwork, Mindfulness, Moving Meditation and Therapeutic Art that help to calm the storm and help you ride the wave through turmoil. FREE Course.

Meditative Mark Making

Explore a fun, easy, creative way to engage in mindfulness and moving meditations while creating intuitive art through the use of simple marks and materials with mindfulness.

Mindful Meandering

A minicourse using mindful art making to create calm, awareness and cool art.

Mindful Affirmation Art™

Explore the power of positive affirmation in rewiring your brain through mixed media art practices.

Zen Drawing and Meditative Mark Making

Learn mindfulness practices through active drawing meditation, creative intuitive expressions using a variety of drawing experiences.

Affirmation and Gratitude Practice Development

The power of the mind and it's intention can be summed up in the Law of Attraction. Affirmations harness the power of the mind, intention and declare what is, what you want and moreso what you already are. Miester Eckhart says, "If the only prayer you say is , "Thank you", it is enough." Embracing that intention, we bring our daily gratitude practice together with our affirmations with intention and purpose.

Breathwork and Meditation

Foundational practices to expand your awareness and state of well being. 29 lessons that take you through various styles and practices.

Understanding Trauma

Trauma impacts 1 out of 4 people in America. Learn the basic foundations of being trauma informed, behaviors that you may see from those impacted by trauma and how adverse childhood experiences can impact you as an adult, body, mind and soul. We'll look at ACE's, brain science and become trauma sensitive while using mindfulness and expressive arts practices.

Weekly Affirmations

52 Affirmations to get you through the year delivered in your inbox each week. Pay What You Want with no minimum. Make a donation to deliver hygiene and warm kits to the homeless and help those in need with mental health assistance.

Self Care Essentials

The importance of self care in our lives cannot be over emphasized. In this course you'll learn about the domains of self care, take your own self care assessment, learn ideas for fitting self care into your life and creating your own self care plan. Pay What You Want, no minimum - access for free or make a donation to help the homeless and those in need of mental health assistance.

More About Mindful Creative Arts

Every act of creation is sacred. The arts allow us to express, consciously and unconsciously, what we cannot find the words to say. Whether it is self discovery, play, engaged creative mindfulness or spiritual exploration and expansion, we are here to support you on the journey.

All of our fees for courses, certifications and coaching go to fund mental health coaching and counseling services for people without insurance or with financial need and to provide homeless kits for street people. There are administration fees that we pay for as well like this platform to offer the services, the main website and any small bit of marketing on social media we might do.  None of our staff take a salary or are paid. 

MCA is a mindfulness and trauma informed based expressive arts organization that provides workshops, certifications, coaching and therapy (to qualifying clients). Jessica Waters, MCI's founder has 25 years of teaching experiencing with 16 in the fine arts, 15 years of expressive arts facilitation and therapy experience and over 20 years of breathwork training and experience. She has specialty training and certifications in various areas of mental health, expressive arts and arts in health and is a certified life coach, recovery coach, prevention specialist, mediation assisted substance use professional, addictions counselor, grief specialist, clinical trauma specialist and registered psychotherapist in Colorado. She is a 2006 recipient of the President Volunteer Service Award with Children and Families a RYT-200 and a professional artist and musician as well.  She leads you through courses that are her unique design and programs that she has created to assist you and your clients on life's path using expressive arts.

We offer courses in basic art techniques all the way to certified facilitator specializations in mindful expressive arts.  We are the only Therapeutic Art Facilitator training program in the Midwest and one of two in the entire United States.  

All of our programs and courses combine mind, body, spirit, holistic lifestyle, trauma sensitive and expressive arts experiences.  Additionally, Jessica offers Integrated Medicine for Mental Health counseling and coaching in applicable states.