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Elemental Butterflies

Exploring the Elements with Watercolor and Inspiration!

Crystal Designer

Design your own crystals in watercolor

Wonderland Watercolor

Create magical landscapes in watercolor full of wonder and enchantment!

Cosmic Watercolor

Join me on a journey into the world of watercolor! We'll be painting planets, galaxies and stars - but the techniques we'll explore together are methods I use for everything. Limitless possibilities!

Enchanted Feathers

Join me on this enchanting journey of creating feathers in a unique style. We'll travel through different techniques I use to achieve richness of color and that flowy feel. Come find your flow with me!

Whimsical Woodland Animals in Watercolor

Learn easy watercolor techniques to paint animals with whimsical character.

Wonderland & Whimsical Woodland Animals in One!

Create both Wonderland Landscapes and Whimsical Animals when you purchase both of these stupendous classes together!

Course Bundle

More About Melanie

I am an artist, teacher, wife and mom. I live in sunny Sarasota, Florida.I am self-taught and enjoy painting in watercolor, acrylic and mixed-media (watercolor is my favorite!).

I draw inspiration from nature, art history, travel, poetry and spiritual literature.