Ready! Set! Paint! Reboot your painting practice in 5 days or less.

5 days of small, but meaningful, action steps to get you organized, inspired and creating.

5 Step Creative Catalyst Clarity Tool for Artists.

A short self-assessment to help you gain insights about your creative practice.

Pricing Your Artwork with Confidence

Price with confidence to sell with ease. Here are three time tested formulas for pricing original artwork. How to use them and why they work are given for each formula. Included is the method I created, that really helped me when I was just starting to sell my work.

Jump start Your Art Sales

Enroll today and get instant access to 2, easy to implement, ready-made, "step by step" art marketing plans. Perfect for artists who want quick-start strategies for self-promotion and take a no-fuss approach to learning. Get your potential customers to notice you and your artwork online using social media, and off line, (in the real world) starting today.
Plan A: How to use Facebook the smart way
Plan B: How to sell off line in the real world

Jumpstart Your Art Sales: Deluxe

Don't let idea that "selling is icky", hard, or time consuming, stand between you and the rewards (both financial and emotional) that come from selling your art. A few simple repeated actions will give your art exposure to potential buyers and attract customers. This course gives you access to the exact same system and steps I've developed over my 20 years as a professional artist. The good news is these simple action steps leave you with plenty of time to continue to create your art.

More About Maggie

It wasn't always a dream (there have been ups and downs. for sure) and I've learned a lot of things the hard way. The courses listed here are packed with the things I wish I knew or had learned earlier in my career.