Lisa Walton

Passionate about quilts, textiles & sharing my knowledge.

Aurora - On Demand Class

Create your own original art quilt using fabric paint, simple piecing, even easier quilting and top it off with beading embellishments. This On Demand class will open up a new world of quilting possibilities for you.

Fantastic Fusion - On Demand Class

Create your own unique and original art quilt using a simple technique that will be admired by all who see it! This simple fusing technique will be the start of a whole new adventure in quilting.

Fantastic Fusion & Aurora Bundle

Buy both courses together & save

Course Bundle

More About Lisa Walton

Hi, I'm Lisa Walton and I have been quilting for over 25 years and teaching for 15 years.

I am not your traditional type quilter and have loved creating my own fabrics with dye & paints & then turning them into unique quilts.

My website Lisa Walton Artist showcases many of my quilts as well as artwork and my workshops.

Many people have asked me to provide online workshops for a long time as the world is such a large place. Although I used to travel extensively, the opportunity to provide interesting and original classes in your own home is making life so much easier for everyone.