Janette Phillips

I like to see myself as a creative person who just can't help but share her wonder and enthusiasm about all things to do with painting, flowers and the landscape. Making the ordinary extraordinary...

Indigo a gogo

Do you love Indigo with its deep nuanced depths full of inky promise as much as I do? Did you know that you can now get it in water-soluble pastel form? This short workshop style course promises to take you on an expressive exploration of this amazing new material.

More About Janette Phillips

Following degrees in Design, Art History and Fine Art my creative practice is now underpinned with time spent drawing, looking, photographing, musing. 

I love to work expressively and fluidly with water-based mixed media. Colour is always predominant in my work and it is colour which calls to me and leads me in to explore further the distinct qualities of my art materials in response to my subjects.

Living in the Lake District clearly inspires me and helps to fuel the creativity in my own work. The magic really happens though when I share my expressive and exploratory approach with others and help them to connect with their own creative spark.

I have been teaching art to all ages and levels for over 20 years now and I do hope that you enjoy making a connection with me and observing your own spark glowing a little brighter every day.