Janet Skates

Birds of a Feather

Hello friends around the world! So excited to share this fun new project that you can expand on in so many ways! This one hour course will teach you how to create fabulous color backgrounds suitable for all types of shapes or figures and how to bring those shapes, in this case a beautiful pair of birds, to life! This course is suitable for all levels!

the warmhouse window

Welcome to this fabulously fun floral with vibrant flowers and lovely detail drips and drops. This lesson can be done in the colors I present or reworked in your own favorite color scheme. The techniques used can be used and expanded further on your own. I hope you enjoy!

"I Spy" Collage

Collage piece on canvas where layers are created using fabric, stencils, paper, tissue, napkins, doilies and oil sticks.

Fly, Be Free!

Join this fabulous and fun course to learn with acrylic paints, stabilo pencil and paint pens. This project can be done on paper or canvas and in whatever color scheme you choose. The flexibility makes it a great learning opportunity with pointers you can use in the future! Enjoy!

Midnight Magic

This lovely layered floral painting is a step-by-step acrylic paint project on canvas; however, can be done on paper or wood as well.

tongue twisters

Exploring fun color combinations and mark making this project is a start-to-finish painting! PLEASE NOTE: the color on this course is a bit “off” due to a greenish tint from the video camera. This has been corrected on my other courses but please be aware of it on this course. It does not affect the lesson content etc.

Janet Skates Art

My course is all about exploring your inner artist and letting it grow into something beautiful. I can't teach you exactly how or what to paint, but I can help you let loose and have fun with the colors. Let's see where they take us!

More About Janet Skates

Hello and welcome to my online course platform! I offer several course options here on Coursecraft. All of my classes are go at your own pace, step-by-step and taught by me in my studio space. They are raw, unedited and casual. I'm hopeful that the relaxed atmosphere will support you in releasing any fears and enjoying the creative process. As always, I am here to answer any questions.