How to Write A Heroine's Journey

The Hero's Journey is problematic.

So, how do you write gripping, unforgettable stories that subvert patriarchy and elevate the voices of strong, empowered women who don't use violence to solve problems?

And how do we avoid falling into the "hero with boobs trap"??

This is the first in a series of courses designed to transform your writing, your livelihood, and your life.

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Permaculture Design Course plus Advanced Certificate in Social Systems Design.

Get two courses for the price of one:

the classic 72-hour Permaculture Design certificate


a Social Systems Design certificate, for the additional 40 hours of training in how to build the invisible structures that enable your projects to stand the test of time.

Study online, at your own pace, while practicing hands-on in your own home, garden, and community, and with the support of a faculty mentor and 40-woman international faculty.

Sliding scale enrollment is open to everyone.

Emotional Permaculture: Design Your Inner Landscape

How do permaculture ethics and principles relate to our inner landscape, and how can we use techniques of ecological design to be more emotionally resilient, sustainable, and ready for challenges? How can we mimic nature to increase our emotional "yield" to include more happiness, creativity, and abundance? These are some of the questions we'll explore in this FREE online workshop. ​Start anytime, go at your own pace.

Find Your Niche, Connect with your Soulmates, and Make Money

Specifically designed for independent artists and permaculture women writers, this broadly applicable freelance business development course is based on the principles of ecological design and permaculture.

Whether you're a writer, a farmer, a teacher, or just generally unsure of where to focus your energy, this intensive, challenging personal quest to help you find the right audience and paying clients for your work.

Heroine's Journey Feminist Storycraft Workshop for Radical Women Writers

​Learn how to create an original, authentic story that subverts patriarchy and elevates a culture of kindness, curiosity, and non-violence. We'll analyze, expand, and redesign the classic hero’s journey into a new, emergent pattern, and use that develop a narrative, a theme, compelling characters, and a working first draft of your novel, memoir, or screenplay.

Decolonize Yourself Creative Immersion

Unleash your Beautiful Beast! Use permaculture, yoga, the heroine's journey, phenomenology, and land-based creative expression to clear blocks, establish a thriving daily practice, and tap your unique potential. Includes 60 intensive classes, 70+ videos, 100+ tips, challenges, and experiments, facilitated group discussions, and more.

Design Your Daily Practice 10-day Habit-Changing Bliss Blitz

Whatever you want to incorporate into your daily life, we'll use the same GOBRADIME design process we use in all of my permaculture courses, to walk you through the process of designing a committed daily plan that fits with your goals, your visions, and your life. ​​

The Bliss Blitz is a key part of my program for women writers, but it's not just for writers--anybody who wants to spend more time being creative and cultivating healthy patterns should take this course.

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