Free Indeed Retreat: November 8-9, 2019

Join us in Crescent, Oklahoma for two days full of fellowship, bonding, scriptural truth, and precious time with God. Think of it as a sleepover with Jesus and your favorite girls. Get a group of girls together or join us solo! Space is limited.

Free, Indeed: The Book of Ephesians Guided Bible Study

This is a video based Bible Study with printable worksheets

A Mom is Born: Intimacy With Christ in the Baby Years Prayer and Day Planner

A "new take" on a what a mother of a small baby or newborn needs in a day planner, this prayer guide/day "map" allows mom to chart a gentle course and feel productive without pressure, rigidity, or inflexibility. The prayer prompts move her gently through her day, calling her to God and to her baby in the way she was designed to function.

A Little Way of Prayer and Housekeeping Handbook and Flip-cards

A new system for cleaning your home while covering your family in prayer! Digital and hard copies available.

The Merciful Mama: Authentically Catholic Motherhood and Family Life

"Parenting" to do it, and how not to do it, is a hot topic of debate these days. Let's tap into a deeper and quieter call. In this course we become students of Our Lady, the saints, scripture, and God himself in the way we respond to our work and mission as Catholic mothers and wives.

Practicing the Presence of God Handbook and Virtue Bands

A compilation of essays and articles with practical tips and tools for Practicing the Presence of God in the middle of the sometimes chaotic life of motherhood. This comes with a set of virtue bands (described in the book) which help us to stay in touch with the grace of God in the practice of intentional virtue. Get yours today!

His Alone: A Bible Study for a New Generation of Catholic Girls

The first in a series of studies called "Little Girl, Rise!" (produced by Gathering Manna), this is a course for teen girls ages 12-18 which equips them with the unique tools they need to fight the battles they face every day in the world AND in their hearts.

Crafting a Liturgical Life: Monastic Practices for the Modern Mom

In this course, the student discovers practical ways you can live more liturgically, peacefully, and joyfully through observing the Catholic year in your home, adopting a daily rule of life, imitating the saints, setting up and decorating your "Domestic Church", planning for family formation, and so much more! Rich in theology, scripture, and practical tips, this course equips you to live an intentional Catholic family life.

Mentorship/Coaching Program: Paradise Found

This is a 7 week mentorship and personal coaching opportunity!

It’s about transformation ...going deeper...and falling in love with Jesus in the way you’ve always longed for. It’s not a course for the fainthearted. But it is a course for the hungry.

During this course you will work closely with Lauren to identify targeted spiritual and motherhood goals in your life, developing a rule of life, and a spiritual development program that is tailor made for your needs, experiences, and lifestyle.

Transform: A Discipleship Program for Busy Catholic Moms

In this bundle, you'll have access to THREE courses: Crafting a Liturgical Life, Paradise Found, and the Merciful Mama. With close guidance from Lauren in the mentorship model detailed in "Paradise Found", you will move through both CLL and Merciful Mama towards a true transformation of heart and soul. $95

Course Bundle

"The Merciful Mama" Parish Based Discipleship Program

Due to popular demand, we have created a group license for the use of our course in a parish based/bible study format. It includes online access to the course for each participant and a "resource folder" mailed to the study leader that contains helpful information for guiding a group of 5-10 mamas through this course either on social media or in a physical setting. The cost of this type of use of "The Merciful Mama" is $300 per parish or private group.

Course Bundle

More About Lauren

My name is Lauren, and I am the creator of Gathering Manna: Moment by Moment Spirituality For Moms. This blog exists as an apostolate to help Catholic and Christian moms find more peace, joy, and purpose in their lives through contemplative and liturgical spirituality.

I have found great joy and strength through adopting a moment-by-moment relationship with God as taught to us by the Carmelite and Contemplative saints, and it is my mission in life to share these beautiful truths with you! We draw our resources from the writings of the saints, and the Holy Fathers, as well as modern creatives and theologians who have helped us to dig in to the rich tradition that is ours in Christ.