We are all about edibles - growing, using, storing, preserving and learning about. We have courses on all aspects of food production, herb uses and how to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Herbal Remedies

How to use plants to make your own home made treatments and first aid kit, from coughs and colds, to boosting immunity to the menopause, we suggest plants which can help relieve symptoms.

Introduction to Forest Gardens and Agroforestry

Highly efficient food production systems with high yields and low maintenance, suitable for any scale of plot.

Practical Food Growing (Face to Face in Oxford)

Starting in March 2022

What to grow & harvest each month
Soil health
Sowing & Harvesting
Plant ID, Foraging
Placing and planting plants
Year round pollination
Propagation techniques

Outdoor practical course in Florence Park, Oxford

Maximum 10 participants
5 x 2 hour group sessions outside

10.30am - 12.30pm one Saturday per month

March 12th
April 9th
May 14th
June 11th
July 9th
September 10th

UK Garden Birds (included within Wildlife Gardening)

How to feed, water and house our most common birds, including plant lists and combining with edible gardening

Natural Cleaning & Beauty Products

Techniques for cleaning the home and cleaning oneself without using chemicals - better for us and for the environment.

Recipes and method videos included for:
● Dry eye compress
● Rosemary and mint mouthwash
● Window cleaning
● Walls and paintwork
● Air fresheners
and others

Wildlife Gardening (includes Garden Birds)

How to encourage the wildlife - and pollinators - we love to your gardens, covering food, water and habitats.
Essential if you want to successfully produce edible crops.

This course covers:
What to encourage
Wildlife food sources
Wildlife water sources
Wildlife habitat
Garden birds
Attracting wildlife

This course works well alongside Chemical Free Edible Gardening, on managing pests.

Chemical Free Edible Gardening (managing pests and disease)

Learn the how to identify the common pests and diseases found on edible plants and ways to manage them using chemical free strategies that will help to improve the ecosystems in your garden.

This course covers:
Pest identification
Pest control method
Disease identification
Disease control methods

Introduction to Permaculture

Permaculture is often seen as mythical, over spiritual or messy gardening. This course gives you an overview of the history of Permaculture, its meaning and how it can offer something to your life and living more sustainably.
This is the perfect introduction to the full Permaculture Design Course.

Permaculture Design Course (certified PDC)

This course covers the theoretical aspects of a PDC, including many design exercises and challenges, videos, quizzes and activities. We will also have monthly group live lessons and individual tutorials and design projects.
Successful completion results in a certificate from us and the Permaculture Association Britain.

More About

We are not for profit design consultancy and educational enterprise, boasting Masters' in Urban Design and Landscape Architecture, trained teachers and child care expertise.  

edge started out life as Incredible Edible Oxford, before demand for our design services and courses went through the roof and we grew!

We love inspiring others to produce their own food, on whatever scale possible - from a window sill to acres of land.

We specialise in urban food production and food enterprise.

We consult on housing developments, social housing, business parks and more to encourage more edible and productive planting in our landscapes.