Ann-Louise Lockhart

Pediatric Psychologist and Parent Coach

Stop Being the Frontal Lobe for the Entire Family!

Executive functioning skills are those skills that take years to develop and aren't fully developed until about age 26, sometimes later. Eeek! Because it's a skill, it can be learned. But, it takes tons of patience and repetition while it develops under the umbrella of a regulated and knowledgeable adult.

The Gift of Co-Regulation: Warm, Responsive, & Balanced

Co-regulation is a precursor to self-regulation. This means kids learn best in the context of an adult or caregiver who is balanced, well-regulated, and who remains relatively calm most of the time even when pushed. Kids cannot regulate without being taught to regulate first.

Breaking Generational Cycles, Stopping Unhealthy Patterns

We unconsciously pass on generational cycles and live out unhealthy patterns. They are often lived out and repeated in our parenting.

Parenting through Emotional Dysregulation: Tantrums & Meltdowns

Are you struggling with your child's tantrums and emotional meltdowns? Feeling exhausted? Empathizing and talking it out no longer works? This course will help you differentiate tantrums from meltdowns, the usual causes and how to handle it from different diagnoses.

Sibling Conflict: How to Stop the Bickering & Encourage the Connection

You'll learn powerful strategies & actionable steps to implement with your kids to help THEM resolve conflict & nurture their relationship

The Overwhelmed Brain: ADHD & Executive Functions in Adults

As adults we get so busy with work, parenting, relationships, and adulting in general, we often neglect the parts of ourselves that keep us stuck.

Many adults struggle with executive functioning skills, like flexibility, task initiation, memory, time management, organization, problem solving, and emotional regulation. We often see ADHD and executive functioning challenges as a "kid thing" when these challenges don't actually go away when you become an official adult.

Fear, Worry, Anxiety! Tips for Parents!

Fear, Worry, Anxiety teaches you how fear and worry may come to a child of different ages and gives you practical tips on how to help your child overcome anxiety.

ADHD & Me: Tips on Parenting

ADHD & Me is a different kind of webinar for parents who want to learn about the stuff you don't hear about & its impact on your child/teen

Parenting the Highly Sensitive Child

Highly sensitive children respond to their environment differently. Parenting these kids also needs to be approached differently too.

More About Ann-Louise Lockhart

My name is Dr. Ann-Louise Lockhart and I am a Pediatric Psychologist and Parent Coach. I am the President and Owner of A New Day Pediatric Psychology, PLLC in San Antonio, Texas. I am also Board Certified in Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology. 

A highly sought-after speaker and writer on multiple platforms, I have been interviewed and quoted in multiple online and print publications, including the New York Post, New York Times, MomBrain, Pure Wow, MSN, Fatherly, San Antonio Magazine, Veronica Beard, Parents Magazine, HuffPost, The Love Hour and Therapy for Black Girls podcast. 

I am also a Freelance Writer for PureWow, PBS Kids for Parents, The Gottman Institute and a Contributor for MontiKids. Lastly, I serve as a Board Member for the VeryWell Review Board.

My why is to help educate, inspire, and support others so they can heal and be set free. My why is to help people realize, know, and accept they are meant for so much more than to just suffer through and survive this life. My approach is direct, empathic, and genuine. I aim to give you the information and support you need. 

I'm so glad you're here.