Jan Chavis

We all strive to improve ourselves. But improvement can only occur through improving the quality of our thoughts. With our thoughts we have the power to change ourselves and to change the world.

THOUGHT MANAGEMENT: Controlling Your Thoughts As Part Of A Healthy Lifestyle

More About Jan Chavis

Jan is a Holistic Fitness Coach and a retired Army Warrant Officer, who has helped many on their holistic fitness journey. She earned a master's degree in Transpersonal Psychology from Sofia University in Palo Alto, CA., and a bachelor's in Psychology and Business from the University Of South Carolina. Jan is a personal trainer who specializes in Mind-Body awareness, a level 2 Certified Meditation Instructor, and a Nutrition Network Advisor with the Noakes Foundation. Jan is also a self-published author. Her book (The Next Level: A Journey of Spiritual Awakening Through Physics and Other Sciences) can be purchased on Amazon. Jan currently resides in the beautiful North Georgia Mountains.