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Campaigntrack 101

This entry level course provides all the information you need to know about utilising the Campaigntrack platform for all of your real estate marketing needs.

Campaigntrack - Page Planner

Learn all you need to know about planning, booking and supplying artwork to media publications & print suppliers using Campaigntrack's page planner.

Campaigntrack - My Account

Finance User? This quick course provides an overview of the features and functions available in 'My Account' including paying invoices and submitting remittance.

Campaigntrack Certification Bundle 2020

Course Bundle

More About Campaigntrack elearning Academy

At Campaigntrack, our technology is constantly evolving.

By providing an up-to-date training certification solution focused on our system functionalities and the Australian real estate marketing in general, it will ensure your knowledge will continue to evolve with us.

Existing user? Brush up on your skills and remain up to date with Campaigntrack best practice.

New Staff?
Save time on induction training. Our 101 courses including 30+ instructional videos are tailored for entry level users who require a comprehensive understanding of the property marketing process, office administration and utilising the benefits of Campaigntrack effectively.

Wanting to enter the Real Estate Market?
Applying for an Administration role?

Our introductory courses will give you the edge over other candidates. Upon successful completion of bundled training courses, A digital certificate will be provided for use in your resume.

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