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I help kids and beginners feel great about drawing and painting. Everyone's an artist. Choose one of my online art courses - drawing and painting fun for kids, families and homeschoolers.

All in One 2021 - Online drawing and painting /art lessons for kids, families and beginners.

✅ All of my courses I've ever done till NOW, all in one enrolment. Best value ✅
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This offer is only available for a limited time, and limited spaces are available because Kim is interactive with students in these courses. Post yours and your children's art from each lesson inside each lesson page.
Yours to keep for the lifetime of this course

✅ Share within your household and start feeling great about drawing and painting.

Course Bundle

How to Draw What You See and Funk Up Your Art

A great mini-course to start with 😃 I will show you how to use a picture, photo or drawing to get inspiration for your own drawing. Planning is so important, and will help with your confidence. We will be looking at simple shapes and their placement on the page to build our underdrawings, thennnn we will funk them up!

All Smilez online art lessons for kids and beginners - Art Club

Have your own real art teacher to communicate with, share your work and discuss your art.
$147 for 6 months. All Smilez Art Club is a progression of weekly art lessons that you get instant access to. You and your children can work through over 6 months or do them all over a fortnight.... Set a time that works for your family and enjoy these online art lessons on how to draw and paint. Direct contact with your teacher.

All Smilez Art Club - 6 Months of Weekly Art Lessons - Drawing and Painting for Kids and Beginners PLUS BONUSES

Improve drawing and painting skills quickly, with a lesson per week from the date you join. Monthly themes.

PLUS, you also get to sink your teeth into the whole Drawing Challenge that we ran in March/ April 2021. View other students' posts and post your own art to get feedback straight from your teacher, Kim. Also includes a Facebook group. Got questions, email
6 month Art Club $147nzd
Drawing Challenge included here for FREE + Drawing Challenge #2 also FREE !

Course Bundle

Mandala drawing with Kim @ All Smilez 😃

Mandalas are so much fun to draw. Here are a variety of ways you can use the skills you already have, and learn new skills in measuring, planning, detailing etc to create works you can be proud of.

This course is nearly finished being built. Even in future if I add to it, you will be able to access it.

Lifetime ownership. Use for your whole household. Great for all ages. Some children aged 7 and under may need parent support.

All Smilez online drawing and painting lessons - Animal Eyes Mini Course

Become a pro at drawing animal eyes, so that you can be successful at drawing any animal face. The eyes are what we see first, so let's have fun and get them looking really amazing!

FREE how to draw videos for a limited time! ENJOY!

All Smilez online art tutorials for kids and beginners - Animal Faces

Cat, Lion, Bunny, Deer, Fox, Giraffe, Owl.... Learn to draw, sketch tone and colour. Using pens, pencils, AND watercolour palettes. These are for artists aged 6+ through to adults.

Real art teacher

All Smilez - How to Draw and Paint Animal Faces

This bundle includes Animal Eyes Mini Course AND Animal Faces.
Learn to draw animal eyes, then explore animal faces with Kim's tips and tricks for how to draw and add easy techniques for making your art pop. Use for the whole family or homeschool children. Post your art and get teacher feedback. Thrive and wow your friends!
$97nzd (approx only $68usd)

Course Bundle

All Smilez online art lesson for kids and beginners - Rock Your Sketchbook

A series of art lessons accessible through your account on this site. Using easy, affordable materials, I'll inspire you with new ideas. Get used to using your sketchbook to try new things, build up your skills and love drawing and colouring with watercolours! Great for kids, adults, families and homeschool art students.

All Smilez Drawing Challenge for kids and beginners

This is a totally doable challenge. It's a weekly drawing boost for all ages to feel great about drawing! You will get a new video each week for 3 weeks OR do them all once, plus you can post your work and view others. Let's all enjoy the benefits of drawing!

All Smilez online art classes for kids and beginners - Drawing Challenge

Start feeling good about drawing.
With 25 years experience in teaching people of all ages how to draw, how to paint, how to make your art unique.

These are fun and do not require any prior artistic knowledge. ABSOLUTELY PERFECT FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY.

All Smilez video art lessons - Doodles and Dye

For kids, families, teachers, homeschool art activities. Zentangles and water colouring. This is incredibly fun for all ages. Great for calendar art and all sorts to brighten up your classroom and wow the students.

All Smilez - Learn to Start Painting - For beginners

In this course, you will learn how get set up well for painting at home.

You will be able to reduce your costs, by knowing which paint and brushes to buy, what to use from around home.. HOW to care for your materials and how to UNDERSTAND your colours and paint.

An excellent beginners course. Understanding the colour wheel. Painting with acrlyic paint for beginners

All Smilez art lessons for kids - Drawing Characters

These are simple line drawings in the original All Smilez style.

Online video art lessons for kids aged 5-10

All Smilez Start Drawing and Painting BUNDLE DEAL

The Character Drawing course is just line drawing. Easy. Fun. Great confidence boost for kids who struggle drawing people.
The Painting course covers all the basics when starting with acrylics, how to get started with the 3 primary colours. Save time and money, and learn the basics of painting with Kim at All Smilez.

Buy 2 courses and save!

Course Bundle

All Smilez Observational Drawing - online art lessons for kids and beginners

This course is for young artists or beginners learning to draw from observation. I don't really want to put an age on it. Its certainly not EASY, but I'm here to help if you have any questions.
You will learn what to look for before you even start drawing, and then you will surprise yourself with the ability to draw what you see, using taught skills that you can carry with you forever, and build on, to enhance your future art.

After School Current Members w Kim @ All Smilez

This course is a PRIVATE course for members of Kim's regular after school classes. This is set up for students to use in case of lock down or missed classes.

Mandala lessons from Term 3 are still visible here, as well.

More About Kim Garside - All Smilez Art School

Kim at All Smilez, makes sure that everyone feels good about drawing. For kids and beginners, Kim's video tutorials on how to draw and paint are fun, AND efficient at teaching skills that help her students relax into feeling good about their art.

Confidence building, decision making, a variety of techniques, how to loosen up, have fun, and fix up your mistakes so that they are not a problem....

Kimberly Jane Garside is an artist, mother, and Art Teacher, originally from Ontario Canada, she now resides in Hamilton, New Zealand. 

Her studio/ art school is popular for after school art classes and holiday art workshops, some staying on in their time slots for 3-7 years! 

Kim was surprised to see so many adults thoroughly enjoying her online lessons, that she now has a FB group and enjoys the community of learners of all ages, creators and confidence builders: parents, kids, grandparents, anyone! 

Kim wishes to thank you so much for your support, and looks forward to helping you feel good about drawing and painting too.