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1:1 Online Journaling

Journaling you look forward to and enjoy!

Mini Get Ya Stress in Check

A FREE mini version of my Get Ya Stress in Check Challenge

Healing From Heartbreak

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Work with Me 1:1

1:1 Coaching with Hillary - Custom Plans also available!

Self Esteem Queen

5 Simple Steps to Higher Unconditional Self Esteem

Perfectly Flawed

Become aware of how perfectionism is holding you back and how to change your thinking so that it no longer limits you.

How to Get Rid of Your Bitchy Inner Critic

A 6 Step Guide to How to Stop that Stinkin' Thinkin'! You feel the way you think. Let's make that a good thing and change the way you think!


How to choose healthy friends, set boundaries in your friendships, improve the quality of your friendships, & be a better friend to others.

High Quality Habits

How to create habits that are enjoyable and will last!

Get Ya Stress in Check

Identify your triggers for stress, prioritize your sources of stress, & create new coping tools for dealing with your stress. Also includes 40 scientifically proven ways to deal with stress.

Know Your Why

What is Your 'Why' behind everything that you do?? When we know our 'Why' it empowers us to take action and makes the path that we need to take CLEAR!

Dare to Roar

With this mini course, you can take a baby step forward into the process of refocusing on you. It will remind you of the basics. Challenge you to scratch beneath the surface and reawaken the lioness within.

Aug/Sept Awareness Challenge

Course Bundle

New Year! New You!

Get access to 4 courses total! Get Ya Stress in Check, Know Your Why, Dare to Roar, & 40 Day Slay Challenge starting January first! These courses have everything you need to get the New Year off to a positive start!!

Course Bundle

UN + ME & Dare to Roar

Both courses - Unapologetically Me & Dare to Roar included! Save $25 When you Bundle these two courses!

Course Bundle