Sarah Day

Sarah Day Certified SandStory Skills® Trainer and Certified Play Therapist

Registered SandStory Skills® Practitioner Training Programme

SandStory Skills® is a creative and safe way of working for professionals and parents who are already supporting the emotional well-being of children, young people and adults.
SandStory Skills® will enable you to bring the elements of sand, symbols and storytelling together alongside other creative mediums to your existing work.

This course will build on the skills you already have and is a safe, structured and gentle way of working with the people you serve.

More About Sarah Day

Hello there! 

I am delighted to introduce myself. I'm Sarah Day and I am a Certified SandStory Skills® Trainer and Certified Play Therapist.

I am also a primary school teacher and have been the proprietor, manager and SenCo of a Pre-school. 

I am a very proud mum to three children two in their twenties and one in their teens, so have a wealth of experience of all things child and teenager related. 

I am passionate about supporting our children and young people as they navigate their way through life's challenges and hiccups. 

My work centres around developing and building on a child's or young person's existing strengths and qualities and to accompany them as they gain new insight and understanding about the things that trouble or worry them.

SandStory Skills® dovetails beautifully with my personal ethos and I am excited to share this with you.

I work as Play Therapist in schools. I also have a growing private practice offering Play Therapy and coaching for children and their parents in Hertfordshire.

So, a very warm welcome and I hope you enjoy finding out more about SandStory Skills® and why it is the perfect intervention for non-therapists to use in their work with children and young people in a range of settings.