Craft-Paint Madness by Robin Mead

This class is about exploring the versatility of craft paint in your personal masterpieces.I think craft paint is highly under-rated and I want to change that. Ive been using craft paint for many years and I want to share my experience, ideas and tips on why it should be an integral part of your creative supply list.

Crazy Colorful Cityscapes By Robin Mead

Digital Dreams

More About Robin Mead

I have been creating and experimenting with art for over 30 years, but  after going  back to school for an associates in Art, I have been more involved in creating my own style and developing  my own line of prints and designs which I share on e-markets and social media sites, and at craft shows and local venues.

 I love the use of color and line and the magic that watercolor can create. I also love to use acrylic, collage and mixed media techniques as well as Corel PSP and Painter for digital effects and manipulations. My favorite sources of inspiration come from nature, preferably the ocean, landscapes, flowers and colorful depictions of birds..I choose a very colorful pallet, unafraid to mix and combine any and all colors to communicate how I feel when I view nature.

I grew up on the beach on the north shore of Long Island and my art represents the joy that color offers. My memories come alive when I think of the oceans' blues, the coral sunsets, the magenta gardens, or the richly colored pigments on the wings of my favorite birds. There is no end to the combinations that I experiment with, or the ideas that lead me to create.