Asking Profitable Questions

Asking the Right Questions in Coaching can determine the the size of your bank account! Take this crash course and start asking the questions that set you apart from many other coaches.

The Mystery Behind Marketing

Marketing vs Promotions

Christian Life Coaching 101 (prerequisite)

Are you ready to become a Certified Life Coach? Coach A. has one of the most profound Life Coaching Programs in the field. She has trained hundreds of amazing coaches. So feel confident in knowing you will walk away from her training, inspired, equipped, and ready for success!

More About Angela Showers

An Outburst of Creativity, Passion, and Wisdom describes the coaching style of Coach Showers. She is a powerful advocate of the equality and truth that reaches the experienced business owners and those who have no clue on how to get started. As the Executive President of the trailblazing P.G.H. brand, Angela has managed to share her wisdom not only nationally but also internationally. She is a powerhouse business coach that builds and train entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and others to reach and operate to their fullest potential. 

Coach Showers is a game changer amongst what many have consider to be “business coaches” of this era. She has single handedly broken the stereotype of the yesterday’s version of business coaches. She is an innovator, known for her non-traditional coaching approach, by painting attainable images of success to each of her clients. Angela creates transparent compelling illustrations that brings the vision of her clients to life, strengthen their faith in themselves, all while reaching those goals that once seemed impossible.