New Day - Dr T

Psychologist, speaker, coach. Imperfect perfectionist. Lover-of-learning.

Overcoming Perfectionism: Embrace your imperfect you

This 4-week experience is for high achievers.
I am passionate about helping high achievers who fall prey to perfectionism to remove their masks and to be their full, authentic selves, allowing their imperfections to multiply their value.

This online coaching group will walk you through ways to remove your mask and live more authentically. The program includes weekly group coaching calls to support your growth. Additional types of support can be added, based on your needs.

Find Your Passion

Life passion is often quite elusive, yet tempting. We want it, but can't figure out how to tap into it! This short e-course will show you how to uncover your personal passion so that you can begin to live your BEST life!
You'll receive a complimentary copy of our Passion into Profits Transformation Guide.

Learn to Write AWESOME Letters of Recommendation

Do you want to give back. Pay it forward?
This course will give you tips on writing stellar recommendation letters for your students, employees, colleagues and others. The techniques discussed can be generalized to other types of letters such as your own job application cover letters, as well!

More About New Day - Dr T

Life is about learning! What's something you've always wanted to learn? 

As a psychologist, coach, & college professor, I specialize in helping people obtain mental wellness through learning, self-awareness and empowerment.

I aspire to create content that is enlightening, inspiring and empowering, yet practical. If you have a topic you'd like to learn more about, please contact me at

I look forward to learning with you!