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Tricks in the House! With Erin Batchelor - Starts April 18th

Tricks are a great way to build a relationship with your dog, help them build some confidence and to make you both think outside the box while having fun. Little no things are required, just you, your dog, some treats and a sense of humor.

Building Up Your Dog - Teamwork- with Erin Batchelor starts May 2nd

This course is the second installment in Erin's Building Up Your Dog series. Over 6 weeks it will focus on all different aspects of trying to improve you and your dogs ability to work together and communicate with each other. Exercises, in depth papers, videos and more will help you and your dog start to come together in ways you never have before!

Small spaces 4 - with Erin Batchelor starts April 25th

Every week I will post a new "course" built specifically for a small working space. Each course will have 3 options of how to run the obstacles according to your skill level i.e Novice, Open or Elite.

If you don't have the obstacles I use in the courses originally, all you have to do is tell me what you do have and I will make courses specifically for you.

Consistent Contacts - Foundations - Amanda Nelson

This class goes over Amanda's popular 2o2o contact training method. Focusing on a read end contact behavior that helps dogs with a weight shift, for a balanced contact performance!
Class starts March 1st and runs for 6 weeks

2o2o Contacts with Amber Abbott!

Whether it's a retrain or starting from the beginning, let's get those solid 2o2o contacts we dream of. Speed, independence, distance and understanding. Join me in training my two young dogs! Let's have some fun!

Teaching distance one step at a time- Pilot edition starts October 18th with Erin Batchelor

You don't start teaching your dog distance by expecting them to be able to work 30 feet away from you. It begins small and is earned one step at a time. It requires timing, connection and confidence from both dog and handler. Join me for this mini 4 week class where we will begin at the very start of teaching distance. Learn about pressure, positioning, creating motion and more. Reading material, images to work with and basic exercises every week. I can't wait to get started!

On DEMAND- Weaves 102 with Amber Abbott- after learning 6 poles!

Follow Amber and her young Staffy Bull, Twig, through their weave training. Twig just learned six poles and now needs to master independence while keeping the poles fast and fun! Find out what drills they will do next to be ready for competition and beyond! Do eight exercises, over a ten week period, to master the weaves. You only need six poles and a jump/hoop. Tunnel would be great too but not necessary.

On Demand - Weaves 101 with Amber Abbott

Are you ready to hammer out the weave poles? My favorite obstacle to teach. In ONE MONTH, we are going to go from zero to 6 amazing poles. We are going to have a great start to speed, confidence, independence and they will be your dog's new favorite obstacle! And after this class, join me for Weaves 102 and master them!
If your dog is old enough to handle 6 weaves and you are ready to focus on them for the next month or two, let's do it! $100 for a working spot, $50 for auditing.

On Demand- Performance Puppy with Amber Abbott

Need a little instructional guidance and training plan? This ten week class will help get your pup started off on the right paw. This class will cover reinforcement words, control games, shaping and luring tricks, start ground work, toy play, body awareness and start some skills, such as perch work, 2o2o foundation and directionals... plus more! Lessons are sent out once a week. $75 for auditors or $150 for a working spot.

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