Lily Kunning

Lily Kunning organizes & teaches herbal classes & organizations, does wellness consultations & clinics, & makes formulas for several companies.

Essential Oil Safety

Don't believe the (MLM) hype! Essential oils are powerful- but they can also harm you if used improperly. There are very specific safe ways to use EOs, and not everyone should be exposed to them. Learn the science behind aromatherapy and how to use it to heal, not harm!

Foundations of Western Herbalism Online

For those of you looking to do an "undergrad" type herbalism course that includes anatomy and physiology, look no further! This class teaches you how herbalists and other holistic practitioners view the body, constitutions, energetics, and more.

People's Medicine Course

Learn herbalism in a realistic way- one herb a month, using that herb to demonstrate actions on physiology, medicine making, and more!

More About Lily Kunning

I came to herbalism because it helped me when nothing else did- twice! I righted my endocrine system after going into premature perimenopause with herbs. I also recovered from a work injury with herbs and other holistic modalities. I manage my limited mobility and invisible disability with herbs, massage, and acupuncture.

I use herbs daily- for me and my family. We stay well, treat illness, and make our own body care. You can learn to do the same!

I run an Herbalists without Borders chapter and work in its clinics, am the President of Sassafras Ohio, a non-profit that teaches people about herbalism and holistic wellness, teach free classes at Cancer Support Community, and teach students in-person, too.

I believe herbalism is the people's medicine, which is why my class costs are low. I want to empower people to take charge of their health. I am a member of Herbalists Without Borders, United Plant Savers, and the American Herbalists' Guild.