Jess Blanche

Ignite Your Truth: Influencer Bootcamp

DGAF Academy

The DGAF Academy is a 30 day training that will cover everything you need to start owning who you are and what you have to say. The results? The freedom to be your true self, unshakable self love & confidence, no more fear and anxiety after hitting post, a larger following, more sales, deeper influence, and that's just the beginning!

More About Jess Blanche

Jess Blanche has been living her passion as a coach since 2016, but the road to get there was anything but a straight line. With experiences as a yoga teacher, video editor, wedding photographer, accounting clerk, professional beer taster (yes, really) among others things, she's learned to love her journey. 


Jess now taps into the insights she learned along that road to help people who are torn between who they think they should be and who they authentically are. She shows them that the reason they struggle to fit into boxes... is because they aren't supposed to. 


With authenticity as her jam and the Universe at her back, Jess runs her business according to her own rules, and as such has been able to build a super-engaged audience within her first month, grow her first Facebook group to over 4,000 members and regularly manifest opportunities for interviews, speaking gigs and written contributions for online publications - all without ads, funnels, or overthought strategies.

Jess is living the dream of getting paid to be herself and have fun, and now she's showing others how they can do the same!