Jennifer M. Pennington

There is a light so bright inside of you. DARE to discover it.

A Course in Soul Recovery


Take the Stress out of Daily Tasks

Having trouble getting shit done? Too much to do in a day? Long to do lists that never get completed? I've cracked he code on how to eliminate ALL that stress and actually get more done and feel better mentally, emotionally AND physically.

Self Esteem & Confidence BOOST!

Take your energy back & reclaim your spark!

Soul Recovery Session : Finding YOUR Voice

What is it you REALLY want to say? Find your voice, hear what you're saying and discover what you ACTUALLY have to and want to say. Your voice is the megaphone for your soul.

Soul Recovery Session : Want & Willpower

Create a life that truly supports, nourishes, sustains and reflects the REAL YOU. Take charge of your life again, like you were meant to. Quit living on auto pilot.

Soul Recovery Session : Activating the 5 Senses

Re-sensitize and REVITALIZE!

Soul Recovery Session : Stress Relief

Get to the root of your stress levels & kick their ass to the curb!

More About Jennifer M. Pennington

Jennifer M. Pennington is a Certified Soul Recovery Coach  with an avid desire to help free spirits finally break free from the bondage they've accepted as the norm. Jennifer aims to help men and women all over the world find their own unique tools within to help them rebuild themselves from scratch so they can live freely and truly to who they came to this earth to be.


Bachelors In Science for Metaphysical Healing

Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

Certified Spiritual Coach

Certified Holistic Weight Loss Coach

Certified EFT Practitioner

Certified Color Therapist

Certified Aura Therapist

Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner

Certified Healing Chaplain

Certified Spiritual Healer

Certified Paranormal Investigator

Jennifer received her degree from Reiki Rays Institute in October of 2014