Jillian Newkirk

​I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor with a Masters in Counseling. My professional experience has led me to be an expert in managing child behavior. I have over 11,000 hours of experience.

The Confident Parenting Community

You CAN be confident in your parenting when you UNDERSTAND your child's brain, are PREPARED & EQUIPPED to handle challenges, have SUPPORT (especially from an expert!), and held ACCOUNTABLE to follow through. This on-going group is all about equipping you to confidently manage your child's behavior and emotions and providing you with the tools and techniques that experts use to be the most efficient and effective means to change in your home!

How to STOP the Whining

Whining all day, everyday. I know you've had enough! You don't just have to deal with it until they get older... I put together some great content that will empower and equip you to stop the whining and bring you peace of mind!

Taking the Struggle Out of Bedtime

After a long day of questioning whether or not you are doing good enough for your precious littles, bedtime shenanigans are just about the last thing you want to deal with! This course will help take the STRUGGLE out and bring peace back into your home during a time that has plagued parents for as long as the world's been turning! Then you can finally get that alone time you've heard so much about!

More About Jillian Newkirk

My clients see significant changes and growth throughout our coaching sessions by implementing customized therapeutic and psychoeducational strategies and interventions. It is my joy to equip parents with the tools they need to restore peace in their hearts and homes.

I am on a mission to bridge the large gap between Google searching (just doesn't deliver) and traditional mental healthcare (so many barriers), so that, parents can get the support they need and finally feed confident in the parenting strategies they use.

I know not everyone can be my client, so I wanted to offer some eCourses to be able to broaden my reach and provide parents with quality information that is professionally informed.

You can go to to learn more about my services and read some testimonials. If you are interested in scheduling some time to discuss your concerns for your child, go to to schedule a time (free of charge).