DEVONthink for Historians

DEVONthink for Historians was created with historians' specific needs in mind. We've identified the best tools and processes for a historian's research and writing workflows.

DEVONthink for Historians: The Starting Up Guide

Hi there! Do you work with archival sources? We have a great tool for you. It's a step-by-step guide that explains how to build a database with DEVONthink Pro Office (Mac Only) to store all your research materials.

DEVONthink for Historians: The Super User Guide

The Super User Guide builds off the basics covered in the Starting Up Guide, and includes valuable templates and scripts for DEVONthink Pro Office that eliminates tedious steps from the historian's workflow.

DEVONthink for Historians: From Starting Up to Super User

Both the Starting Up and Super User Guides bundled together for maximum efficiency and savings.

Course Bundle

More About DEVONthink for Historians

Our step-by-step guide includes chatty introductory videos and clearly written instruction manuals that make it easy to learn DEVONthink Pro Office and set up a database.