Getting Balanced: In 3 Simple Steps

A Course in Spiritual Healing

This is a 6 month journey that will re-ignite your self-love + teach you how to heal the inner child, past trauma, cut energetic cords, and practice self-love, regardless of circumstances or conditions.

Awaken Your Chakras

This course is all about claiming your spiritual power through your chakras. As we dive deep within, we will access your own inner treasures, your chakras! This will open your vision and understanding to experience your life force energy moving within, Divine connection, graceful consciousness and access to your own inner knowledge. These attributes are the power of the higher self, and they will naturally filter into your everyday life igniting you with new energy.

Awakenings with Sophie

After spending hours and hours (10,000+) on helping people climb out of their wounds and into their freedom, I thought, now is the time.

You may think that there is no way out of some of your human pains and/or traumas, but that is a lie.

Searching for freedom can become an exhausting process, and I am here to show you how you can gain access to freedom in under 30 minutes a day.

The Freedom Frequencies

As eternal beings of the Universe, we each came here for a great reason + most of us are seeking to experience infinite freedom.

This freedom frequency is where you feel unconditionally loved.

You can taste the flavor of eternal abundance.

And touch that sense of deep inner peace.

This space is what I call The Freedom Frequencies.

This is a FREE mini course to help you get your energy right!

More About Sophie Frabotta

I am a modern healer + transformation specialist who works in a way you have probably never experienced.

I don’t lay my hands on you and remove your suffering. I show you how to locate your suffering and then teach you how to remove it yourself.

My motivation is to help you access your greatness, because I know it lies within.
So many people believe that they have to live with past conditions that cause suffering, but I believe you can heal anything that you no longer want in your life!

This is not a path of perfection, but rather a shift in understanding that leads to freedom. I show people how to do this deep inner healing work!

If you look at how psychology has addressed our mental health over the past century, you will see they have mastered the 1st phase of healing: recognition. In my work with AWAKEN, I created the 4 R's Process: recognize, release, reprogram, radiate.

I show you how to move out of your problems and into solutions that AWAKEN your freedom.


In all my transformation work, I use a 4 phase process: recognize, release, reprogram, radiate. I show you how to recognize the deep wound that is blocking you. Then, I guide you through a variety of inner healing work and modalities to release that stale energy from your body, emotions, mind, and spirit. I then teach you how to reprogram that space with new energy. After these first three steps are accomplished, you are then able to hold new light with a higher consciousness and this is the activation of your spiritual life!

In this healing process we plant your heart's intentions and build a strategy to allow this new light to spill into your entire life, relationships, health and career!

This activates the true YOU who is lit up for life, alive with empowering thoughts, loving feelings, invigorated confidence, and revitalized energy! This is where you RADIATE a joy so profound that your highest potential becomes your reality!

You can do the inner work to address any stale, lingering wound of the past and the results are healing the present.

I am Sophie Frabotta and I can show you the way to your greatness!
Instagram: @AwakenwithSophie