Paint with Maggie monthly painting class.


Does it sometimes feel like learning how to paint is an uphill battle?

I mean it should be easy! Right? You’ve been wanting to start for a long time. And now the time feels right and you are ready! 


  • How do I get started?
  • What supplies do I need?

Have you ever walked into the big art supply store looking for paint, been overwhelmed because there are SOOO...many choices, that you wander over to the craft side and come home with a new stencil, or worse, NOTHING AT ALL!?

Where do you even start when you finally get your paint?
You’ve got so many ideas.What should you paint? How do you start? 

Come join the class and I’ll lead you through this “awkward” getting started phase, step by step.

I’m happy to tell you that you can learn how to paint.

If you’ve never used acrylic paint before you will love it. It’s the fastest and easiest way to learn how to paint.

No waiting days for your painting to dry, AKA oil paint 

No frustration over not being able to make serious changes, AKA watercolor.

But…… (so many but-s)

  • You admire others for their artistic skills and the way they can share them on social media with pride.

    — It’s time you did the same. I have confidence in you! You’ll be surprised how quickly you can develop your own artistic skills.

You get immediate access to all the previous painting demonstration videos.

That’s right! You won’t have to wait for the next monthly video to be released. 
You can get started TODAY!

And your access never expires as long as you are a class member.

Previous paintings

When you join the Paint with Maggie Acrylic Painting Class, every month you'll receive support for your growth in a variety of forms.

A typical month in the class looks like this. 

Some months are atypical. (Just like us! AKA Creative)

What makes this class so special.

You get access to the Paint with Maggie monthly acrylic painting class Membership Hub. 

The Paint with Maggie monthly class membership hub is your PRIVATE entrance to the class material.
Treat it like a personal sanctuary, come and go as you please. Stay as long as you want.

All monthly class content is grouped in units called "courses". The courses give you direct access to all the lessons and information.

For example, all of the painting video demonstrations are in the course, titled “Painting Demonstrations”. This makes it very easy to find exactly what you want, when you want. 24/7

You have a private Facebook group community of acrylic painters with goals similar to yourself.

Use the group to share all your art creations for feedback, ask questions, get inspiration and encouragement from myself and other artists. 

Plus, it’s A-OK to sell the paintings created from the video demonstrations.

And, I encourage it.

I get it, there are always new and exciting paints and brushes calling our names, whispering,

“Buy Me! You Need Me! You Can’t Live Without Me!”

One day, someone is going to see one of your paintings, fall in love with it and ask you to let them buy it!

Believe me, it’s going to happen (if it hasn’t already)

Let them! It is an exhilarating feeling, a huge validation and reward for the commitment you’ve made to your painting practice.

You and I, will celebrate and do a happy dance together. Your next trip to the art supply store will be a treat you deserve.

Note: this privilege is reserved for enrolled students only.

Let’s review,

When you join the Paint with Maggie Acrylic Painting Class, every month you'll receive support for your growth in a variety of forms.

These could include, but won't be limited to:

  • follow along video painting demonstrations - *you’ll get step by step instructions to create your own paintings, pause the demonstration whenever you need.
  • templates you can print out and trace to get your painting started, if you’re unsure of your drawing skills.
  • painting challenges, these get your energy up and your brush flying.
  • Zoom creative painting coaching sessions, here’s where we can meet face to face to keep your painting on track for success.
  • Acrylic painting basics, understanding the foundations of painting is a game changer when it comes to taking your painting to the next level.
  • studio tips, save you time and money, who doesn’t want that!
  • bonus Facebook live sessions, quick start paint-alongs.
  • Q and A sessions, I’m here to help.
  • Special workshops, deep dives into a particular topic (there’s already a color mixing workshop included in the membership)

NOTE: As technology and the needs of the class change these can also change.

Look at it this way.

  • These classes are perfect for acrylic painters of various skill levels. Beginners get all the step by step guidance they need.

    — Advanced painters get inspiration they can use and add their own style and flourishes to. You know adding new energy into your painting practice is necessary to take it to the next level.

Let me answer your questions.

What supplies do I need?

You'll have access to the supply list when you enroll. I encourage you to start with the supplies you have on hand and add to them when and if you want.

Do I have to have a Facebook account?

No, not to access this site, but some lessons prior to March 2021 are accessed by direct links to the videos, etc. in the Facebook group.

Can I sell the paintings I do from the video lessons?

Yes, artwork created from the painting videos can be sold as long as you are enrolled in the class! Having someone say they like your work and give you money for it, is an exhilarating feeling and validation that I hope you all experience. This does not give you permission to copy and/or copy and sell paintings not in the lessons, or paintings seen on Maggie’s website or social media sites.

How are payments set up?

This is a subscription format of payment. That means you enter your credit card information once and you are charged automatically each month. You can leave the group at anytime.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yes, you can. I’ll be sad to see you go, but we’ll still be friends. Your access will end at the end of your current billing period. Example: your billing date is the 20th of the month, you cancel on the 10th, you have access until the 20th. Your billing date is clearly stated on the homepage of the membership. It is your responsibility to cancel. I will not cancel your membership for you.

What happens when I sign up?

You’ll be asked for your email address. You’ll set up a password. There are step by step payment instructions. After you pay, you’re taken immediately to the classroom and you’ll get an email with login details.

What if I need technical help?

Once you’re enrolled in the class there’s tech info in the FAQ’s on the homepage and there’s a help link at the top of the page. The site managers are your tech support team. I don’t have access to all the gears and such.

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at

Take a look at the class hub homepage - organized and easy to use.

  • One final thought: the class is full of valuable information. Information is only the beginning, to make progress and see your painting practice flourish, you’ll have to pick up the brush and apply what you’ve learned.

    — The class members and myself are holding space for you to do just that. This is a criticism-free, safe, and friendly environment.
  • The only way to fail at painting is to never start.

    — Maggie Ruley

Don’t put this off, try it for a month.

If it’s not for you,  cancel and we’ll still be friends. 

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