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Supply list

When you are new to painting, buying art supplies can be intimidating and confusing. Let’s change that!

The items you find here are reliable and time tested in my studio. (After buying and discarding a lot of painting supplies) :((

This list of supplies should help you avoid that.

Regarding paint, I suggest you start with just the basics and add the optional colors later.

*You’ll find printable lists and links to online ordering for everything at the end of this post*

Basic Supplies

  • Acrylic paint
  • Canvas or Paper
  • Brushes
  • Paper towels or paint rags
  • Palette for mixing paint: styrofoam or paper plate, styrofoam tray (from grocery store) will work.
  • Container for water.
  • Apron or clothes you can get paint on.
  • Sketchbook 
  • White gesso- Golden brand (optional)
  • Varnish (optional)

Acrylic paint - budget friendly list

Amsterdam brand Standard Acrylic paints  
in these colors.

Amsterdam Standard Acrylic Paint 

Azo yellow medium
Orange (optional)
Pyrrole red
Phthalo blue
Phthalo green (if they have it, if not get the Golden phthalo green -blue shade)
Permanent red violet (magenta)
Permanent violet (dioxazine purple)
Turquoise Green (optional, but very handy yo have)

Turquoise Blue (same as above)

Gold Ochre (same as above)l

Blue Gray (same as above)

Golden titanium white - do not buy cheap white.


Professional grade Acrylic Paint

Golden Brand acrylic paints

Titanium white

Cadmium yellow medium or medium hue

Phyrole red or cadmium red medium or cad red medium hue

Phthalo blue - green shade

Phthalo green - blue shade

Cadmium orange medium or medium hue (optional)

Quinacridone magenta (optional)

Ultramarine Blue (optional)

Dioxizine Purple

Get the inexpensive Amsterdam turquoise and black


Inexpensive, but good brushes:
Princeton Summit White synthetic brushes,

available online -, Jerrysartarama and Michael’s Art Supply

Silverwhite series 1502 synthetic brushes,

available online and Jerrysartarama

I use the shape called “Brights”,  in these sizes #4, #6, #8

Plus I use a very small round or liner (Simply Simmons brand or Silverwhite) for detail work

Canvas and paper


I know it’s tempting to buy inexpensive canvas and canvas panels, but the surface is so rough it makes the painting process harder and your paintings look amateurish.

The canvas brand I prefer is the 

Edge cotton canvas available from Jerrysartarama 

If you’re new to painting I suggest you start with these sizes

8” x 10”

11” x 14”


140# watercolor paper - preferred 

Or paper heavy enough to stand up to paint and water without buckling.

Here are my favorite colors in action:))

supplies can be ordered online:


Michael’s Art supplies


Printable general supply list. 

Printable list of my “must” have colors.

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