Mums Unstuck is the first of its kind monthly membership for Muslim mums, helping you to do more than just combat the everyday parenting struggles that overwhelm.
With live training, coaching and community,
you'll go on your own personal journey of growth and transformation alongside your parenting level-upping....because you are more than just a mum.

Each month you'll be supported as you develop the relationships not only with your children but also with yourself.

If you're ready to focus on both your parenting and personal transformation, you're in the right place. 

I see so many incredible women who have dedicated their life to the raising and educating of their children, but feel empty. Or unfulfilled. Or lonely. Or question why they don't enjoy spending time with their children as they feel they should. Or why they just find the everyday parenting challenges so hard.

They beat themselves up emotionally every time they lose their patience. They know they want to be so much more for their family, but it's a struggle. 

Mums Unstuck is about so much more than just talking about regular parenting issues like toddler and teen tantrums or ending sibling rivalry. While we absolutely do develop your skills and mastery around these topics, Mums Unstuck also delves deeper into the stuff that holds you back and stops you from being your best self. 

You see, when you feel good, you walk different. You talk different. You parent different. And it's this difference that will push you forward toward being the amazing mother you want to be to help your children thrive, while living a life that excites you, insha'Allah.

Mums Unstuck is an ongoing journey of self-discovery, transformation and positive change that seeks to enhance both your parenting and personal growth side by side, supporting you to build stronger connections in your relationships with your children, your husband (if you have one) and yourself, insha'Allah.

Mums Unstuck is for mums who...

✓ want to build a Muslim home full of love, connection and harmony 

✓want to develop your parenting skills

✓want guidance on how to positively discipline children without punitive punishments and fear (because let's face it, yelling and spanking don't work)

✓want to know how to support and engage your children so they can reach their fullest potential in all areas of their development, insha'Allah

✓want to support your children in their learning

✓want to raise children who are confident, proactive and resilient

✓want to begin parenting from a place of consciousness and proactivity instead of reactivity

✓want to improve the relationship you have with yourself and reconnect with your own goals and aspirations beyond motherhood

✓want to take care of your personal growth 

✓want to connect with other mums to build a community that boosts momentum, offers encouragement and support

It's for mums who are tired of....

✓feeling stuck or empty

✓battling with tantrums, sibling rivalry and children not listening

✓doubting yourself

✓losing patience


✓not knowing who you are anymore

It's for mums who are ready to...

✓take action


✓learn new parenting skills

✓say goodbye to self-doubt, overwhelm and burnout

✓say hello to confidence....on the inside and out

Enhance Your Parenting Skills

Every month features a new live Master Class topic (with replay) to build your parenting skills alongside coaching tools to help you implement key learnings with your family.

We'll be delving into obvious topics you might expect from a parenting membership, such as building positive relationships with your children and learning positive discipline techniques to help us deal with common challenges so we can stay cool, calm and in control. And also, some topics you might not expect, such as how you can encourage your children to have a growth mindset and build confidence, how to support your children's learning, how you can coach them through exams and so, so much more. 

Mums Unstuck is a complete 360 approach, looking at parenting and education from every angle so you can see how to raise the whole child who is in front of you, not only part of him/her. Everything connects to nurture a balanced and healthy child. 

These Master Classes are not just about information sharing. As a parent coach, my job is to help you get from where you are now to where you want to be, insha'Allah. And so alongside each master class, you'll get coaching tools to help you implement key learings with your family and achieve the transformation, change and growth you want to see, bi'ithnillah.

Enhance your personal growth...

What makes Mums Unstuck so incredibly special compared to anything else out there is it helps you to not only take your everyday parenting know-how to a whole new level, but it supports you in your quest to develop and raise yourself.

It's time to end those feelings of lost identity and re-embrace the wonderful woman you are beyond your role as a mum....because you are more than just your children's mother. 

You are a servant of Allah, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend. You are an individual with your own hopes and aspirations and it's time to see the person inside bloom. Because when you grow, your children grow too

How you view and feel about yourself massively impacts how you show up as a parent. Your personal development goes hand in hand with your parenting.

This is why twice a month you'll focus on your own growth through something I call Reflective Coaching, to help you come home to yourself and gain clarity on what you want out of your life and who you want to be. Your goals and aspirations matter. Overcome self-doubt and gain confidence that will allow you to do more than just survive, but thrive, bi'ithnillah.

Community Village

They say it takes a village to raise a child...I say it takes a village to support a mum to be her best self and feel normal! The Mums Unstuck community will be that village for us all.

When you know you're not the only one waking up each morning striving for something better, it makes you more resilient and encourages progress because you're not alone. Building a community together we can lean on for support and motivation makes us stronger, especially on those days where things feel tough.

I want to be real with you, I'll be doing everything I can to provide you with the tools to raise your parenting game every month, but there are still going to be moments where situations are hard. And that isn't because there is anything wrong with you.... it's because that is life. Every day isn't a fun-filled party. There will be moments of struggle. And that is exactly where the strength of community comes in. To benefit from mutual support that helps to lift one another up and get out of that flunk.

The wolf is always able to catch the lone sheep. There is strength in numbers with a community that doesn't let anyone get left behind

One thing many mums complain of is a desire for adult conversation with other mums who understand and are striving for the same thing. That's why you find coffee mornings across many different cities, bringing mums together to talk over a warm drink of cosiness. 

I love a coffee morning. But, with mums living all over the world, we can't exactly arrange a meet up down my local community hall! However.....we CAN meet up on Zoom!

Once a month, the Mums Unstuck village get's together over Zoom for a virtual coffee morning to share benefits, offer support in real-time and discuss the Master Class key learnings for the month. 

Not everyone has access to a Muslim Mums community nearby. And for those who do, sometimes it's hard to pick up the kids and leave the house to get to a meet-up or we find it easier to talk with sisters who are all striving to grow in the same way because they understand. Our monthly virtual meet up allows us to connect and get the support we need with other mums and don't worry, it's an audio-only meeting, no cameras will be on, so there's no need to grab your hijab or hide the mess out of view.

The Monthly Schedule Looks Like This...

1st Sunday of every month: Raising Me - Growth
The first week of the month is all about building the relationship with yourself through reflective coaching. It's your personal journey of self-discovery to find out who you are outside of being a mother. You'll gain confidence and clarity as you move forward eliminating the fears that hold you back and uncover what you're capable of. This is where we want to start to see YOU grow as YOU, not just mum.

2nd Sunday of every month: Master Class - Education
The second week is all about adding new skills and knowledge to your parent and educator toolkit with a live Master Class (plus replay if you can't make it), accompanied by a downloadable workbook guide.
Every month uncovers a new parenting-related topic, providing you with coaching resources to help you implement key teachings with your family, insha'Allah.

3rd Sunday of every month: Raising Me - Momentum
You have already read a big part of Mums Unstuck is YOU, because how you feel about yourself massively impacts how you show up as a parent. And so in week three, we return to Raising Me for the second time to focus again on your personal growth and transformation again. 
You'll receive a second reflective coaching exercise to help you enhance your personal development outside of parenthood. 

4th Sunday of every month: Mums Meet - Community
The final week of the month is all about connecting with community through an online mums meet up, bringing the Mums Unstuck village together to share benefits, mutual support, unpack the month's learnings and troubleshoot challenges in real-time. 

Want To Know What You'll Get With Your Subcription each month?

✓1 new live Parenting Workshop (plus replay)

✓1 new downloadable workbook (pdf) to accompany the Workshop topic

✓1 online virtual community meet-up (hosted on Zoom) - this is NOT recorded.

✓Exclusive bi-monthly pre-recorded Reflective Coaching, to aid your personal development and growth as a woman outside of your parent role (these are given to you as text, audio, or both).

✓Access to a parent toolkit library, offering various coaching resources to help you overcome some common challenges and raise parenting mindfulness.

✓ Exclusive member's only Telegram group

Why should you join?

Get ongoing parent support, guidance, transformation, growth and community....

Eliminate punitive punishments and yelling that don't work

Nurture a home filled with compassion, empathy and grace

Learn new skills and strategies that help you to engage and connect with your children and their learning...

Level up your parenting and move from overwhelmed and burned out to cool, confident and in control...

Enhance relationships with your children...

Go from reactive parenting to proactive parenting and teach your children the same skills!...

Undergo a personal journey of discovery to stop self-doubt and self-sabotage getting in your way so you can raise yourself to be the positive role model you want to be, insha'Allah...

Get support throwing away the negative stories you tell yourself that don't serve you so you can begin writing some new one's that do....

Stop wasting time scrolling through social media and find something that will genuinely add value to your life, helping you take your parenting skills and know-how to the next level...

....If this sounds good to you, join Mums Unstuck today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can men join?

This is strictly a women-only space. When you subscribe you must agree to my terms that you are female, and you will not allow males over age 10 to hear the sessions

How much time a week will I need?

This depends on you and how much time you want to put into the reflective exercises, but to give you a rough idea.....

Week 1 and 3 - approx 30 minutes.

Week 2 - approx 1.5 - 2 hours (for the masterclass) plus extra time to complete the coaching tools in the workbook.

Week 4 - approx 1 hour (the community meet up)

What do I need?

You will need an internet connection to access the materials. A journal for the coaching exercises. Zoom to join the live sessions (Zoom isn't required for replays)

The workbook can be printed at home, or used as a digital guide alongside your journal if you prefer not to print.

What time are the live sessions?

The Live Master Class is the second Sunday of every month at 12:30pm UK time. The replay will be posted within 2 hours, insha'Allah.

The community meet up is the 4th Sunday of the month, offering a choice of 2 meetings at different times to help sisters in different time zones and commitments to join, insha'Allah. 10:30am and 8pm UK time.

Where are the live sessions hosted?

The live workshop and community meetups are hosted on Zoom. Zoom is a free application. Download links and instructions are shared inside the member's area.

Is this subscription for home educators or school mums?

Mums Unstuck isn't specific to home educating or schooling families. All topics are applicable for all mums regardless of whether your family attend school or homeschool. Alhamdulillah we have a mix of members who are both school and homeschooling mums.

Will I receive any physical product?

All materials are pdf downloads, or video / audio files to stream online. You will not receive any physical product

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yes, you can! Cancel your membership whenever you want on the membership page. Your access will end at the end of the current billing period.

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at

See what members are saying....

  • wanted to say how much I am blown away by the website and content Allahumma barik! The aesthetics are on point maaha’Allah. It is as if Allah has answered my duas. SubhanAllah because it feels like it has been tailor-made for me

  • LOVED the session so much! So many beautiful reminders and points of benefit! I think I’ll be replaying this session often as a reminder

  • Alhamdulillah I’ve listened to the replay last night and it was SO beneficial. It’s exactly what I’ve needed! And with Umm Khadeeja talking to her “replay sisters” (really nice) and the live chat available to read it really was as if I took part in the live lesson

  • It’s like a support system plus it helps in self-development and parenting too. I feel it is so good and I’m really in need of it. It’s like the crutch I need that’s always available to get me through motherhood days (other than Allah)

  • “I just wanted to say sister your whole program is incredibly helpful for me at the stage I'm at. I'm so happy Allah had brought me to it, I honestly can't believe how perfect it seems to be organized catering to me as a mom and a person

  • Excited to be part of this group! I’ve seen other memberships like this among non-Muslim parenting groups and it’s so wonderful to have this with our Muslim sisters

  • I absolutely loved and enjoyed today’s masterclass! It was so full of information and the slides were super pretty mashaAllah

  • The telegram group providing constant support is really helpful