Where do I direct people who want to enroll in my course?

Click on the 'share' tab in the course editor. Under 'Tell Your Friends' you'll see a URL. This is the URL for your course splash page. On the splash page, participants will be able to see your cover photo, visit your profile and read the course description. They will also enroll in your course on this page. So when you're ready to start accepting enrollments, share this URL with everyone.

How do I make a button for my blog or website?

You can always create your own buttons for your course, but we made a widget tool to make it easy for everyone to have a stylish button for your blog or website!

The widget tool is also found in the 'share' section of the course editor. Customize it by choosing the tall or wide version. Add a short description to entice people to click. Then just paste the code snippet on your blog or website. When people click the enroll button, they will be taken to the splash page for your course.

If you've enabled custom branding, your widget will have your custom colours.

How do I get a customized URL?

A customized URL is one of the many benefits of upgrading your course to Pro. Once you upgrade your course, the option to set a new URL for your course will be shown on the share page.

This document was last updated on February 3rd, 2016.

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