What is a secret course?

A secret course has restricted access and can only be viewed after entering an access code. When you set a course to secret an access code will be generated, which you can then give to people. The course will be "free" to anyone who enrolls but you will pay for seats in your course.

How do the 'seats' work?

You can buy as few as 5 seats in your secret course and as many as you like. Each seat will allow 1 person access to your course. Example: If you buy 50 seats, you can give out your access code to 50 people and they will be able to enroll. After the 50 seats are filled, you'll need to buy more in order to admit more people to your course.

The number of seats available is always the number of seats you bought minus the number of participants. What that means: If you (or anyone else) enrolled in your course before you set it to secret, they count against your total number of seats available.

Example: Two friends enroll in your course to test it out. You set it to secret and buy 10 seats. The number of seats available will 8 because your testing friends count.

Why would I make my course secret?

Secret courses were designed with two people in mind.

  1. You sell another product (could be physical or digital) and you want to include your e-course as an add-on to that product. You don't want people to have to pay twice, once for your product and once for your e-course. You also don't want to offer the course for free because then anyone can view it. Set your course to secret and when someone buys your product, include the access and the course URL so they can access the course.

  2. You belong to an organization that wants to use CourseCraft to host internal teaching material. You want to offer the course for free but don't want anyone outside your organization to be able to view it. Set your course secret and buy seats for everyone at your organization. Then just distribute the access code to these people!

If you don't fit into these two categories but still want to use secret courses... hooray!! Go for it! Maybe send an email to tell us about it, we love to hear how people are using CourseCraft.

How much do seats cost?

Each seat costs $3 CAD, and you can buy as few as 5 at a time. We also start you off with 5 free seats on every course. You can give these spots to friends and family to test your course or use them for regular participants. This is very useful for trying out secret courses without spending any money.

Can I get a refund if I buy too many seats?

The short answer is no. Make sure you purchase seats carefully. Just buy a few at a time because more seats can be purchased in just a few clicks. That being said, we're not going to leave you stranded. If you're in a situation where you bought waaaay too many seats and really need help, just send us an email and we'll be happy to work something out.

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