Why should I make an e-course using CourseCraft?

Creating an e-course can be a costly undertaking. Paying for a domain, plugins, storage and a shopping cart can be a very confusing and time consuming process as well as cost a lot of money! Using CourseCraft, you can skip all that set-up and get right down to making your course. You can create a polished and professional e-course with no coding required and or design skills. And unlike some e-course sites, we don't have a lengthly application process. Anyone can make an e-course!

How much does it cost to join?

Joining CourseCraft is completely free. If your course is free, you'll never pay a cent to use CourseCraft. If you charge for your course, we take a fee of 5%. You can read more about fees here.

Can I see a listing of all the courses you offer?

We don't offer a listing of the courses that were made using CourseCraft. Each course is created by individual course creators who handle all their own marketing and promotion. If you're really itching to see some examples, check out the Course Showcase to see what other course creators have been up to.

What browsers do you support?

  • Safari (recent version)
  • Google Chrome (recent version)
  • Firefox (recent version)
  • Internet Explorer (9 or newer)

For EU tax purposes is CourseCraft considered a "digital marketplace"?

CourseCraft gives you the tools you need to create an awesome e-course and makes it easy to sell directly to your followers and audience. We allow each course creator to define their own content, practices, policies, terms and marketing style. Participants are clearly making the purchase from the course creator, not CourseCraft and they pay the course creator directly. Because of that, we don’t consider CourseCraft a marketplace.

What happens when someone enrolls in my course? Do I get an email? Do they get an email?

For more information about the enrollment process, check out this lesson in our CourseCraft 101 course (under the Course Basics heading). There's a short video taking you through everything and screenshots of the emails that are sent.

How do I change/update my profile information?

You can edit your account information at any time by using the navigation in the upper right corner. Just click on 'settings' to see your profile options.

Can I put a limit on class size?

Not specifically. But you can close enrollment on your course when you reach the size you want. Do this by clicking on 'my courses' in the upper right navigation and setting the enrollment toggle switch to 'closed'. After enrolment is closed, nobody else will be able to sign up for your course.

Do I have to fill out an application to create a course?

Nope! Anyone and everyone can make an e-course. There is no application process.

Can I replace the CourseCraft logo with my own?

You sure can. On your account settings (find this using the navigation in the upper right) you'll find an option to turn on Custom Branding. This allows you to add your own logo and change the colours on your course. Read all about it here.

Why can't I see my course listed on my public profile?

If your course isn't showing up on your public profile, make sure:

  • the course is not archived
  • the enrollment is set to 'open'
  • you have a payment provider set up if the course is not free

Can I offer discounts on my course?

Yes, you can make a promo codes to give discounts on your course. You can find the promo code options by clicking on 'edit' in the dashboard and then 'promo codes' in the sidebar of the course editor. Read more about promotion here.

Will my course participants get an email when a new lesson is added or I make changes to the course?

Yes. When a new lesson becomes available, your participants will receive an email letting them know there's something new to see in your course.

What if I took a course and didn't like it?

Each course creator is responsible for ensuring their customers are satisfied. If you have a problem with a course, you'll need to contact the course creator directly. Their contact information can be found on the sidebar of the course. Ultimately it's up to you to determine the worthiness of the course before you spend your money. If you feel you've really been wronged by a course creator, contact us and we'll look into flagging the account to make sure they can no longer sell their course.

What payments methods are accepted?

Course creators can choose to accept payment via PayPal, Stripe or both.

Are the courses password protected?

Yes, after the user pays for the course they will be prompted to create a CourseCraft account of their own. This username (an email address) and password will then be used to access any courses they may enroll in.

I still have more questions, who can I talk to?

You can always email feedback@coursecraft.net if you have questions. We usually respond within 24 hours.

This document was last updated on October 26th, 2015.

If you have questions that were not answered by our help documents please don't hesitate to contact support.