The Basics

Custom Branding allows you to modify the button and link colours on your course and replace the CourseCraft logo with your own. You'll have the option to change the primary colour (buttons) and the accent colour (links and other small interface elements). Your new logo will go at the top of your course in place of the CourseCraft logo.

You'll find these options in your account settings.

When you change the colours and upload a new logo, just click 'Save Changes' to save the changes.

The Effects of Custom Branding

Your custom colours and logo will appear on most participant facing pages.

Things that change with custom branding:

  • Your profile page
  • The splash page for your courses (where participants enroll)
  • The pages in the enrolment process
  • Course pages
  • Lesson pages
  • Emails
  • Widgets

Below you'll see a couple examples what custom branding looks like throughout the app:

Your Profile Page

The Landing Page (where participants enroll)

The Course Page (this is the actual course)

The Welcome Email

Things that do not change with custom branding:

  • The account settings page
  • The dashboard
  • The CourseCraft footer (scroll to the bottom of the page to see it)
  • Help documents, privacy pages, terms & conditions, the blog, etc...

Basically, everything that is directly related to your courses will have your custom branding. We don't change the branding for the whole site because participants could be enrolled in multiple courses all with different branding at the same time.

Your Fees

If you choose to enable custom branding, your fees may change. See the matrix in your account settings to determine what your fee will be.

This document was last updated on February 3rd, 2016.

If you have questions that were not answered by our help documents please don't hesitate to contact support.