When you click on "create a new course" on the dashboard, you'll be taken to a page where you can enter some basic details about your course and start adding lessons.

1. Course Title

Giving your course a name is pretty obvious. Choose something that is short and concise. Consider adding words like for beginners, advanced or Fall 2013 in the title to describe your course more accurately. 

2. Enrollment

Use this toggle to open and close enrollment in your course. By default, enrollment will remain closed until you open it up. When enrollment is closed, the won't be listed on your profile and nobody will be able to enroll in it.

3. Secret Course

A secret course has restricted access and can only be viewed after entering an access code. The course will be "free" to anyone who enrolls but you will pay for seats in your course. Read more here.

4. Pricing Tool

The little pricing box on the right side of your course edit page lets you experiment with the price. This price is what each participant will pay to sign up for your course. Enter a price and see an estimate of the fees. (For more info on fees, see our help section.) The number at the bottom is the amount you will earn from each participant.

Note: If you would like to offer your course for free, go for it! You won't be charged any fees and you won't need to add a PayPal or Stripe account. Participants will still have to enroll in the course, but they won't pay anything.

5. Pro Upgrade

Upgrading your course to Pro will give you some added benefits that a regular course doesn't have. Read more here.

6. Cover Photo

A cover photo helps participants recognize your course. You can use a photo, a collage, or design your own logo. Don't forget to include the title! The cover photo will be shown on the sidebar of your course at all times. It's also used on your course's splash page. That's the page where you will direct participants to enroll in your course.

7. Navigation

These tabs will take you to the rest of the course editing options. If you don't know where to start, just go through them in order.

This document was last updated on February 3rd, 2016.

If you have questions that were not answered by our help documents please don't hesitate to contact support.