FREE! Thirty Days of Tarot 2019

Make the Tarot a part of your daily routine

Develop habits that strengthen your connection with the cards

And distill your own unique reading voice

With fun, daily prompts designed to get you reading and propel your practice to a whole new level!

Thirty Days of Tarot is a self-paced exploration of the Tarot. Each morning you’ll wake up to a new Tarot experiment  in your inbox. These prompts include:

  • Tarot rituals to deepen your relationship with the cards
  • three-card spreads to try out with example readings
  • probing questions to take to your cards
  • ideas for making Tarot a regular part of your daily routine
  • crafts and activities to build your Tarot toolbox

Lessons open each morning and you’re free to complete the material at your own pace. While the course does not teach basic Tarot reading, the class is totally appropriate for curious and adventurous beginners!

Thirty Days of Tarot is for you if:

  • You’re just starting out with the cards and still trying to get comfortable using them
  • You’ve been reading for a long time and you’ve lost that sense of magic and mystery the cards once held for you
  • You’re familiar with the Tarot but you never bothered to develop great reading habits
  • You’re an ambitious and keen dedicant and want to see if you can make it through a thirty-day practice with your cards

Thirty Days of Tarot is a self-discovery course. At the end of the course, you’ll have established the Tarot as a daily part of your life and you’ll have a direction for moving forward in your practice.

For years my Lenormand students have been asking me to create a Tarot course. I've been collecting material, activities, and ideas for lessons this whole time, and this new Thirty Days of Tarot course is a preview of what I'm going to be offering in terms of Tarot instruction.

If you know me at all, you know I'm a sink-or-swim kind of learner, and that's exactly what this class will do if you're new to the cards!

In addition to the lessons, you'll be able to leave comments and questions right here on the CourseCraft page, and my inbox is always open to student questions and concerns. 

I hope you'll join me for this fun, experimental exploration of the Tarot!

Day 1: Welcome, Tarot cleansing ritual, & opening reading
Day 2: Tips and tricks for Tarot journal success + new ways to think about a daily draw
Day 3: Three questions to ask the Tarot today
Day 4: Craft hour! Tarot bag patterns for ANY level!
Day 5: Energy/Manifestation Tarot Spread
Day 6: Tarot manifestation ritual
Day 7: Tarot for dream interpretation
Day 8: Three questions to ask the Tarot today
Day 9: Craft hour! Tarot cloths
Day 10: A Full Moon Tarot Ritual
Day 11: Take your Tarot on a date
Day 12: Three card readings
Day 13: Three questions to ask the Tarot today
Day 14: Tarot tools for the handy diviner
Day 15: Celtic Cross pt. 1
Day 16: Celtic Cross pt. 2
Day 17: Karmic Tarot
Day 18: Three questions to ask the Tarot today
Day 19: The Football Tarot Spread
Day 20: Craft hour! Tarot talismans
Day 21: Tarot tells the weather
Day 22: Three questions to ask the Tarot today
Day 23: Journey in the cards
Day 24: Tarot treasure hunt
Day 25: Tarot New Moon ritual
Day 26: The Gate Tarot Spread
Day 27: Three questions to ask the Tarot today
Day 28: Tarot tea party
Day 29: Tarot vision
Day 30: Tarot message in a bottle
Wrap up & goodbyes! <3

What supplies are required for the course?

The only thing you really need is a Tarot deck you love reading with. The craft hour lessons will suggest different supplies (things like fabric, yarn, beads, etc.) that you can purchase at any local craft shop.

What if I don't really know how to read the Tarot?

That's fine! This course will be a fun way to dive in and get messy! The materials are geared for a general audience and no expertise is required or expected!

What if I'm a Tarot expert? Is this class for me?

I'm afraid you won't find advanced techniques here, but if you're looking to return to a habitual, daily tarot practice, this class will be a fun kick-in-the-pants.

What is your philosophy on reading the Tarot?

I read the cards intuitively and symbolically. You can glean a great deal of my Tarot philosophy & personality from my blog -

How long have you been reading Tarot?

Over twenty years now. Jeez I'm a geezer!

How much is Thirty Days of Tarot?

In 2014 this course was offered for $29. As part of my fun re-launch of, I'm offering this updated course for FREE. Please enjoy this gift! <3

Any other questions? Don't hesitate to get in touch with me via email. <3