Dream Clientele Mini Course: Client application workshop

Dream Clientele Mini Course: Client application workshop

If you are like me, you want clients who: 

  • Pay your prices willingly
  • Do not no show/constantly reschedule or cancel
  • Trust and respect you as a professional and love your work

Whether you are currently using an application to book clients OR you have Never used one, this course will teach you everything you need to do with your application to build your dream clientele!

When you complete all of the steps of this course, you will have:

1. My entire process for using an application to book clients

2. Access to my very own application and questions

3. Video training, workbooks, and downloads all to assist you in building an application that is effective and unique to the clientele you are trying to build. 

4. A working application of your own set up and ready for you to start using!

What happened once I started using a client application?

  • I finally had a clientele full of lovely people who trusted and respected me and my time (instead of just a few favorites).
  • I eliminated NO SHOWS once and for all. 
  • My booking conversion rate went up significantly. In fact, I don't recall ever getting an application where the client didn't end up booking. (NO Joke)
  • I no longer had to DISCOUNT my work to get clients in the door!
  • I no longer had to haggle prices. Clients willingly and cheerfully paid without any awkward checkout moments!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

Forever! Once you've enrolled and paid, you'll have access to the course material for as long as you need. So devour it all in one weekend or take things slow. It's your choice!

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at

Can this course be applied to other service industries?

This is a great question!

Many of you, I am coming to realize, aren't just hairstylists, but you might be nail techs, makeup artists, lash artists, barbers and more!

I love that you guys are all finding my content. Because the truth is, the principles I teach can definitely be applied to these other service based industries. I have even coached business owners in industries that seem completley unrelated like personal training!

The reason my methods work for other service providers is because I don't teach just typical tips for building, I teach solid foundational principles and empower you to apply them to what you are doing! Why? Because this is really the KEY to why I have had success in this career and I am passionate about sharing these principles with others so that you can feel empowered to do this on your own!

So as far is the new Application course goes,

I teach you how to build a client application that is suited to your clientele you are wanting to attract! Anyone, regardless of if you are a hairstylist or not, will be able to complete it and benefit from it!


whenever I give an example of a scenario in the course, it is going to be about hair and salons since that is the majority of you! So you won't find me talking about a men's hair cut, or the specific issues with nail clients in the video trainings. That being said, you don't have to be a hairstylist to understand the trainings or be able to apply them!


If you want to reach out to me as you go through the course and ask me a specific question about how you might apply something you learn to your industry, you are free to ask questions at any time!

I hope this helps!

If you have any questions let me know!


Is this the right course for me?

You may have watched my youtube videos, and listened to me talk about all of the wonderful benefits a client application gave me and thought,

"Maybe I should think about using a client application."🤷

BUT, here is the thing,

I don't think it is right for everyone! One of my subscribers asked me if this was right for her, and I realized, that what might be helpful, is if I help you examine your OWN career and journey and help you determine if this is something you might want to start doing,


if it is something you should wait on!

Here are some things to consider to help you decide if this is right for your business!

There are two types of stylists looking for marketing training...

Stylist 1: Wants quick strategies and tactics to get clients in the door.

Stylist 2: Wants to learn solid marketing principles, that will help attract the RIGHT clientele.

I was stylist 1 when I first started in the industry. And there is no shame in it! There are times when you have to be a little scrappy to make some money! I used groupon, heavily discounted my services, and even post cards to get people in the door.

And here is the thing, it worked! Doing these quick strategies will get new clients. And sometimes it is necessary to get by! So don't think I am knocking it. In fact I used to do them ALL the time.

HOWEVER, these tips are all over the internet and you don't need a course to learn them. The people that will most benefit from this Application Course are stylists who identify with STYLIST #2.

So you might be thinking,

"Do I already need to have a clientle for this to work for me?"

It doesn't hurt to already have a clientle and use the application for booking new clients. Eventually you will start getting high quality clients and you will feel more confident turning away clients who are not benefiting you and your career.

***However, I had Zero clientele when I started doing this. And in some ways it was a benefit because I didn't have to worry about the negative comments from an existing clientle to discourage me. And even though this isn't a "get clients quick" scheme, I did build very quickly it took about 12 weeks for me. But of course, this is only ONE PART of the formula. There are some things you have to have in place for this to work...

A clear idea of who your dream clientle is A service that is highly desired by your target clients on your menu. (I talk about having a niche. This helps a lot) A marketing mentality. This is the most important. You need to be able to be creative and test things constantly to figure out what is working and isn't working. ​

Building a dream client list is much more difficult than building a clientele. But in my experience, whenever I put the hard work in the beginning, trust the process, persist through major setbacks, I am so much happier because I am able to get to get to my actual goal and it is much more rewarding.

The next question you might have is,

"Do I need to be an experienced stylist for this to benefit me?"

I would say it depends on your personality. Usually you have to have experience, to understand how frustrating working on the wrong clientele can be. A lot of times you have to reach your limit to start trying a new way! However, if you are a newer stylist and you are ambitious and determined to hit the ground running and get the most out of your career, I think it would be beneficial to have this training.

It may take some time to achieve the things I talked about in the last question, (1,2,3). However I definitely think building a knowledge of this will only help you whenever you are ready to start using it.

***You have heard me talk about working on models in my Youtube videos, if you are someone already doing that, then having an application would be awesome for that as well, even if you aren't necessarily ready to use it for new clients yet.

MORAL of the story...

Having an appication is not a "get clients quick" scheme (even though it actually helped me build mine and others I have helped very quickly!) It is a get the right clients for your business as efficiently as possible strategy!

It takes hard work, a lot of planning and thinking to get it right. I help you will all of this in the course, but you have to have the motivation to keep testing and being creative with it even after the course is over. And I am more than happy to keep personally supporting the stylists who do this!

I hope that was helpful! Let me know if you have any questions! I know there are many of you who trust me and my advice and it is so important to me that I serve you well!

Ready to finally start building your dream clientele?