Borderline Personality Disorder Care Certification


My name is Ashley Nestler, MSW, and I am a Certified Dialectical Behavior Therapist and Life Coach.  I am also a survivor of Borderline Personality Disorder.  

As a mental health professional living with Borderline Personality Disorder, my story is quite unique.  I have experienced how survivors of BPD are stereotyped in the mental health field, and I have experienced this stigma for myself.  Before I was diagnosed, I was even guilty of stereotyping BPD and looking at individuals affected by the disorder in a negative light.  There was a time following my diagnosis when I was afraid to open up about my experience with BPD due to possible judgment from my colleagues since I knew I was also guilty of stereotyping.  However, I got to the point where I realized just how little accurate information is available on BPD for loved ones of survivors and professionals alike.  I knew I could use my knowledge and experience to educate people like you on the realities of the disorder without providing opinionated information.  

When I was in school for my Masters in Social Work with an emphasis on mental health, we only learned about BPD for one week.  What is worse is that it was taught to us grouped with other Cluster B personality disorders that are classically seen as abusive and treatment-resistant, such as Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Antisocial Personality Disorder.  I wasn't diagnosed with BPD until after I finished my schooling, and I honestly didn't know what it was or what it meant for my life due to this gap in my education.  All I knew about BPD was my experience working with other mental health professionals who saw those living with BPD as abusive, manipulative, and hopeless.  I also knew how many of my colleagues refused to work with anyone who had been diagnosed with BPD because of this stereotype (like I used to be guilty of).  However, my diagnosis urged me to educate myself further on Borderline Personality Disorder and become an expert in this area.  My mission now is to help fight through the misinformation presented about BPD in the mental health community, and educate professionals on the disorder to increase access to care for survivors and reduce stigma.  

In this course, you will learn in-depth:

  • The 4 Types of BPD
  • The 9 Criteria (and how there are 256 possible representations) 
  • The Underlying Causes and Reasoning Behind the 9 Criteria
  • The Inner Experience of Someone Living with BPD
  • How BPD Develops
  • Effective Treatments
  • How You Can Support the BPD Population

Upon completion of this course, you will earn your Certification in Borderline Personality Disorder Care and Advocacy

Expand Your Education and Fight the Stigma
Earn your Certification in Borderline Personality Disorder Care and Advocacy today!

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Expand Your Education and Fight the Stigma

Earn your Certification in Borderline Personality Disorder Care and Advocacy today!