Beating the Winter Blues

The weather is about to get COLD and wet... but you have a dog that is going to go stir crazy if they don't get to work!

Join the Shyne crew—Dilly, Happy, Joker, Giggle, Cheerful, Girly, Goblin, and Ruthie—as we chase the winter blues away with flatwork, tricks, body awareness, impulse control, and working on our verbal cues.

Winter Blues is a 100% online class. Each week, I will post a homework assignment. Working participants can post videos of their work for feedback. Auditors can cheer on the working teams and post questions and comments.

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Things We'll Train in the Warm, Cozy House


Get your pup tuned in and connected to you away from obstacles.


From the useful to the cute, let's learn something new!

Body Awareness

Working to connect your pup's brain to all four feet.

Impulse Control

Solidify that startline and hold that 2 on, 2 off position!

Verbal Cues

Start teaching directionals (left/right) and backsides (or proof them if you've got 'em!)

Enrichment Games

Activities for your dog to do when you're too busy to train.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

Class starts December 18. Final assignment posted on March 11. Instruction period ends March 20. Classroom closes March 31.

What age/level is this class for?

All ages and abilities! All the assignments can be taught from scratch for green dogs or proofed with distance, duration, and distraction for seasoned competitors.

What kind of agility equipment do I need for this class?

One wing jump will do! We will be doing a lot of flatwork and other games that use things you can find around the house like a bucket or a perch.

Can I do everything in my house?

Yes! I'm in Vermont and I know how cold and snowy it is outside in the winter. Let's stay toasty warm in the house, teach our old dogs some new tricks, and strengthen foundation behaviors.

Do I need any special technical equipment to access this course?

If you are submitting video, you will need a way to record video and upload it to YouTube or Facebook.

For accessing the class, any web browser should work for reading the class pages, watching videos, and posting your videos, questions, and comments.

Can I work two dogs?

You have two options - you can submit one dog per homework assignment. So if something is good for your puppy, submit the puppy's video. If you want to work your older dog, submit them instead. Up to you!

If you'd like to work two dogs for all assignments, you will need to pay for a second working spot. Email me at and I can get you set up.

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at

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