BGCSE Keyboarding

Course begins: January 2nd.

The Bahamas General Certificate of Secondary Education is an examination that was established in 1992 having been developed in consultation with the University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate (UCLES).

This examination is designed to assess the achievement of at least 80-85% of the Bahamian Students on completion of five or six years of secondary level education.  It will provide a broadening of opportunity for students to show what they know, understand and can do.

The demand in The Bahamas for competent office professionals is appreciated in view of the importance of our service economy.  The need for accuracy as well as speed must be met and candidates in the final year of secondary school as well as out of school candidates should endeavor to perform at their very best.

This preparation course is designed for candidates taking Keyboarding as a
single subject. You will review three years of content. The course is delivered online and includes a print workbook. The course is also assisted by an Instructor.

This BGCSE Keyboarding Course aims to prepare students to successfully test for the exam as follows:

  1. To develop a working knowledge of the operational parts of the keyboard/typewriter as well as necessary care and maintenance
  2. To develop a working knowledge of the basic keyboarding/typewriting skills
  3. To develop an awareness and understanding of the Bahamian business community in both the private and public sectors.
  4. To develop an appreciation of the office skills in the business world and professionalism which should govern and conduct performance.
  5. To ensure accuracy in format and layout of business documents in all forms inclusive of government styles
  6. To develop knowledge and understanding of the English language in terms of word usage, grammar, spelling, and vocabulary
  7. To develop the ability to interpret rough draft symbols and manuscripts

Exam Scheme

This subject offers two papers.

Paper I (Core) - for all candidates. 2.30 hours plus 10 minutes of reading time. 100% grade weighting.  This paper consists of five tasks.  It will emphasis on application and presentation of skills.

Paper II (Extended) - for more able candidates.  2.30 hours plus 10 minutes of reading time. 100% grade weighting.  This paper consists of five tasks.  Tasks are designed to test accuracy, judgment, speed and layout skills with increased difficulty.  All tasks must be attempted which will test knowledge and skill at a level suitable for employment as a reliable keyboardist/ typist.

Candidates can use a dictionary, thesaurus, calculator, ruler and correction products.

Table of Contents

Study 101
Paper I
The Keyboard
Proof Reader's Marks & Correction Symbols
Correspondence Formatting
Business Letters
Practice Lesson 1
Practice Lesson 2
Practice Lesson 3
Reports & Tables
Official Documents
Paper II
Extended Assignments
Preface (copy)