Italic Calligraphy

  • Sunita is a Calligraphy and Lettering Arts Society UK Accredited tutor
  • Exercises that will give you confidence and flow in using the nib and an understanding of the structure of the hand (a stage that is often overlooked when learning a new script)
  • Forever access to videos and course
  • Detailed videos of every stroke and commentary that will enable you get those letters looking right!
  • Videos of every letter are grouped according to characteristics to enable you understand and learn faster. You can watch again and again to use to fine tune your letterforms
  • Exemplar downloadable pdf
  • Demonstrations on letter and word spacing.

Suitable for beginners and improvers

  • Express your creativity through words you love
  • Make wonderful personalised cards and gifts for family and friends
  • Experience the flow of nib and ink on paper
  • Demonstrations of the letter shapes including capitals
  • Bonus lesson on historical manuscript analysis

Learn or improve the italic script now!

Apply what you learn to a project

Learn or improve your italic script now!

Table of Contents

Class introduction
Class Project
Equipment and Materials
Basic Exercises
The Letters
Capital Letters
Anniversary Card
More Ideas
BONUS lesson: Historical Analysis
Final Thoughts

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